Why didn't the Paralympics get the same coverage as the Olympics? — Scope | Disability forum
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Why didn't the Paralympics get the same coverage as the Olympics?

We loved both the Olympic and Paralympic games at Rio, there were many great sporting moments that will resonate with us for a long time. But the best thing about the games is that both British teams did incredibly well. But we only properly heard about one of them.

On the day the Olympians arrived from Rio they were greeted with a front cover page from the Metro, whilst on the day the Paralympians arrived they received a Sainsbury's ad and a square on page 5. We noticed this and illustrated a front page spread worthy of the efforts of our Paralympians. A cover they deserved from the beginning.

But why didn't they get front page coverage? and why was the Metro one of many other Newspaper brands that chose to sideline the success of GB's Paralympians?
There seems to be deep rooted problem in the way that the media chooses to portray people with disability and this is one of many cases where the shortcomings are physically visible.

We hope that problems like this will cease to exist in the future and that our Paralympian Metro cover has brought to light how far we are from elevating this issue.



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