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Is my son dyslexic?

lisabelovalisabelova Member Posts: 4
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  • lisabelovalisabelova Member Posts: 4
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    Hi, my name is Lisa I hve a 9 year old boy Chris. 
    Chris really struggles to read and write (writing is harder for him than reading), he is around 2years behind on reading and writing. 

    The school tells me it is not dyslexia as he can say how to spell a word, let's say t-r-a-i-n, but when asked to write the same word 10seconds later he can write tain. This they say is inconsistent with dyslexia and do not want to investigate further with professionals. 

    I am not arguing that they are wrong, I can't help but wonder what else can this be and how do we find out what it is so that we know how to help him. I feel if we know what it is, I can find help easyer. 

    For example, he often starts to write one sentence and half way through the sentence starts another sentence. So instead of "A girl went to the forest to find her brother. She went along shouting brother name." He will write: "A gil went to th forst her boter."
    He also struggles with reading, sometimes even simple words like "for", "of" and "from" confuse him.

    School few years back had a "read, write and correct" book where they gave children 10words each week to practice for a test on Friday. He spent almost two years learning how to spell "this" and "these" correctly, but could never get them right in the test. After two years finally he managed to get them right in the test, but 2weeks later I asked him to spell those words and he got them wrong. 

    Math is is generally easy for him, but we are learning times tables at  the moment and he really struggles to remember them by heart. He can count in 3s, 7 times, but if you ask him 2minutes later he needs to count again.... And when I tried to ask him same time table again and gain he could never remember it (two weeks we tried) 

    Please could you tell me what it can be and what should I do to get him assessed. 

    Thank you
  • Summer10Summer10 Member Posts: 3
    My daughter is dyslexic and is now grown up and holds a good job. All the things you mention also applied to my daughter. I would insist on a second opinion from the school as he shows all the classic signs. We had to push for a Statement as it it was then, now known as a care plan but it helped her greatly as she got a lot of support throughout her education and passed her childcare exams. You will need to ask for an assessment from an educational psychologist. Do not let the school fob you off. Good luck
  • winterrose98winterrose98 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi  Hannah, my daughter is 9years old she was diagnosed with having ASD. She was initially observed by the Educational Psychologist who sent her for the diagnosis which she got. 
    The problem I'm having is I think she is dyslexic and I think she has a maths learning difficulty which I've been asking the school to get her screened for all I keep getting is she has ASD which frankly I think is a cop out they are refusing to let me see my original Educational Psychologist. The have her in a writing programme now but are refusing to even acknowledge she has a maths difficulty. She is in primary 5 and can't add or subtract but they say she can but I know for a fact she can't and it's making her anxious and  out if her depth. What can I do next. Im worried she will  not be able to cope in high school. I would very much appreciate your help Hannah as to were to go from here my daughter is being let down.
  • lisabelovalisabelova Member Posts: 4
    Thank you... Summer you have reasured me:) 
  • nadine70nadine70 Member Posts: 10
    Hello .my son is now 13 and very immature for he's age he's not like others wanting to go places and mix he has a fear of leaving me too long ...he had PICA  as a young boy .causing he's teeth to rot an then had to have them removed .luckily was only he's baby teeth .it did stop the PICA ..throughout the years he has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Finding the easiest of work challenging .I believe he has also slight autism but no one will listen to me .which I find very frustrating. He doesn't really have a best friend as he falls out quickly with them .he gets very upset and frustrated and angry and will not listen to reason ....only focus he has it movies .mainly old movies then he's enthrolled  by them naming the actors the remakes the year it was made .he will only research what he finds Interesting .thankyou for your time
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Hi lisabelova,
    Only appropriately qualified professionals can say whether or not a child has dyslexia and they would need to carry out an assessment to do so. If the school are not being supportive you may wish to seek an independent professional or contact your local educational psychology service. Or search British Dyslexia Association or PATOSS.
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Hi winterrose98,
    Firstly, as your daughter is know to the local authority EP service you can contact them directly, which I suggest you do to express your concerns. Ask for a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia and dyscalculia. Your other option is to find a private educational psychologist. Help and advice can be found at British Dyslexia Association, various dyscalculia websites (Google dyscalculia), IPSEA and you may find it helpful to join the Facebook group 'Its not just you.' 
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Hi Nadine70... what advice are you looking for? Do you have any questions? If you're looking for an assessment for autism you can ask your GP for a referral to a clinical psychologist or paediatrician.
  • nadine70nadine70 Member Posts: 10
    I'm looking for an answer to him behaviour thankyou will try the doctors again 
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    There are lots of reasons why children have difficulties interacting with others, it's not always autism. An educational psychologist can assess to help understand the reason/s and then make recommendations for what can help.
  • winterrose98winterrose98 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi Hannah, many thanks for the great advice as I wasn't aware you could contact the Education psychologist direct I will get onto it tomorrow.
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