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Me and my partner who is my carer are homeless - don't know where to turn

hi at the momement me and my partner who is my career are homeless and I am currently in emergency accommodation but have been sleepin rough in the car for 2mths.we have been put here for 2 days and don't no were tot turn next or whos goin to help us.Im currently disssabled and have been for sum time and im also claiming esa and carerer and partner as been told she can not stop with me and I feel so let down and afraid as she looks after all my neads as I have spongilousious of the spine and can not dress or get in and out of bed with out her can any body give me any advice


  • Chris_Alumni
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    Hi @stephenboyles, I would recommend that you you call our free helpline on 0808 800 3333 (9am-5pm weekdays) as soon as possible, as they may have some advice for you or be able to point you in the right direction @Debbie_Scope and bethslade may also be to help.

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    Hi @stephenboyles

    We have chatted your situation through in the office this morning, and think you urgently need to seek specialist housing advice - you can get this through Shelter.

    You should also contact your local authority adult social services team and advise them that your current carer cannot get access to you at present due to the rules around emergency accommodation and consequently you are without essential care.

    Hope this is useful - if you'd like to clarify anything please do contact the helpline


  • Debbie_Alumni
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    Hi @stephenboyles,

    I would just like to re-iterate that you can contact us at the helpline if you need further guidance.

    From reading your post, is it that you've been provided with emergency accommodation but not your partner (who is also your carer)? What reason has your local council given for this?

    Either way it's not right that you're sleeping rough and I hope that you've managed to sort things out. If not, please do get in touch.

    Many thanks


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