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Is my daughter dyslexic?

Anna08Anna08 Member Posts: 1
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I have never used this method of speaking to someone before, and I am assuming that it is Hannah the educational psychologist that I am communicating with.  My daughter is 8, reading has always been a chore, Im not sure she likes it, one of the reasons is that we are always correcting her on nearly every sentence, she will swap words like 'the' with 'she or he' or other random small words, and she will miss words out and make words plural, completely altering the meaning of the sentence.  I wondered if she may be dyslexic, I have looked at people on utube who are dyslexic and my daughter only perhaps ticks one or two of the boxes for dyslexia, so came to the conclusion that she was not.  I do not think her concentration is great either.  Im thinking this is probably a devolopemental thing?, She will also miss out 'signs = + etc' in maths and get the answer completely wrong.  I feel the school just tell you what you want to hear and am not sure how to address this issue, I feel it may be simple if I just spoke to the right person.


  • HanPadHanPad Member Posts: 6 Listener
    There are lots of things that can be associated with symptoms that are linked with dyslexic traits- visual stress, visual processing etc.

    Do speak to your school with regards to your concerns. There is help available in getting answers.

    My daughter in year three was an extremely reluctant reader, two educational levels behind her peers.

    It was identified eventually that she had dyslexic tendancies, visual stress and auditory processing issues. With a lot of help in learning 'tactics and techniques', she has learned how to approach her challenges. ie. ACE dictionary, tinted paper, dragon speak computer aid ...  

    She is now in year 6 and at the level of her peers and is actively reading for pleasure. She is a delight to see.

    It is a long road but good luck in getting answers and help.
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Hi Anna08,
    There are various reasons why children struggle with reading, dyslexia being one. You would need an assessment to confirm one way or the other. If your daughter does have dyslexia then the assessor can recommend strategies/interventions to help her.
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