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Hi I have SpinaBifida, I have had two children and managed to work unill approx ten years ago. I have had multiple operation which has caused arthritis. I am still going through operations my last one was a year gone April and I will be back in hosp after Christmas. I am in constant pain, and always worry how I would cope if they took away my Dla at the grand age of 61 I permanently worry as our government  seems to treat genuine disabled disgustingly  and I dont know about anyone else but make me feel like xcum. At the beginning of the year I recievdd a lump sum from my mum in law and doing the proper thing informed the Dla, Esa, and council Tax and I informed them that it wouldnt last long as I had many jobs on the home I had to have done. They told me to reapply when my savings went done which is what I have done. At first they lost all my paperwork, I only found out when after 6 weeks I had no feed back and then I had to take all paperwork in and have been waiting about 5 weeks and when I rang up they told me there was a backlog I have used all my savings up and am now struggling and have no idea when I will hear anything am too tired to fight and dont know what to do. Any advice would be great!


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    HI nanamack, oh dear, sorry to hear this, it's far too common for the DWP to lose paperwork. I'm assuming that because savings affected your benefits, you were getting income-related ESA, and council tax support too. I don't know if it's just the DWP who've messed up, or whether it's also the council, but you could ask the council to do a 'nil income' assessment of your council tax support - that means they don't have to wait until you know about your ESA, they can give you help with the council tax anyway, and of course you can tell them as soon as you do get your ESA. The same goes for housing benefit if you were getting that before the lump sum.

    I'd definitely make a complaint about the backlog and long wait for ESA - complain to the office at the DWP you get your letters from, first of all, but insist on a response. 

    You could also ask the ESA office for what's called a 'short-term advance' - a payment they can make if you are likely to be entitled, and you're in financial need whilst you are waiting, as you clearly are!

    I'd also consider going to your MP about this; the more people do that, the more chance we have of one day getting a system that works better.

    You do have rights here, and if you ask for a short-term advance you may find things get turned round quickly - but don't let that stop you from complaining, as this will help others and if you've lost out financially because of the delay, you should insist on compensation.

    Hope this all helps, and you get your benefits through soon!

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    Thank you very much for your advice, I was thinking of seeing my MP. As I thought this would get things kicked into touch a little quicker.