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Learning disability apps

VCH Member Posts: 1

I work for NHS Choices and wondered if you might be able to help with a project we are starting around health apps. 

I’m looking for recommendations of apps that might be useful to people with special needs such as Down’s syndrome or autism to navigate everyday life and make healthy choices. 

I have already been referred to ‘Special iapps’ by a lady whose daughter has Down's syndrome, and wondered if an expert could endorse these and / or whether they can recommend others that their clients have found helpful.

I'd really appreciate any advice! Many thanks


  • Kim_AssistiveTech
    Kim_AssistiveTech Member Posts: 50
    You may find this link from ican.org.uk useful when looking into iPad and Android apps. I hope it helps, thank you for visiting the Scope Community.

  • Jeffrey_Hughes
    Jeffrey_Hughes Member Posts: 1

    Just thought I would let you know about the "Neatebox Customer Service" app. It allows the user to disclose if they have down's syndrome, autism or many other things like visual impairment, mobility impairment or hidden impairments to customer service teams at any location with a customer service team ( The customer service team would have the retail version of the app installed at their location).

     It also includes the ability to input "specific requirements" (ie in the case of a wheelchair you could request a ramp before arriving at the retail location so it was ready when you came to the entrance). In addition to all this, you are able to submit your needs for the day like coffee, vegetables, a medium size black shirt, etc. This can all be done before departure from the home and with the help of a carer or independently by the user. 

    The app is free to the user and will have a second edition coming out in the new year that is available for android and apple iOS. Currently, the app is in beta testing at several sites in Edinburgh and is live on the apple app store for free download:  store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/neatebox-customer-service/id1123589001?mt=8

    If you would like to get in contact please email me at [email protected] or visit our website at www.neatebox.com to learn more see our other apps.


    Jeffrey Hughes 


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