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The ground

Dear Readers,

I'm 53 and I've had a permanent brain injury called organic catatonic disorder for 26 years affecting my behaviour, ability to stay calm in emotional situations. It's rare and I got it as a consequence of malaria.

Two years of cognitive behaviour therapy told me to avoid situation that I cannot deal with.

The only reason I need other people, is for food, clothes, equipment and other resources.

I do not understand why people consider me homeless when my home is outdoors. Are people banned from living outdoors because they've a disability? I can't live in a "dwelling" specifically because of a disability. Why won't GPs register me if I'm unable to stay calm or live in a fixed location. I'm not a plant, I'm an animal, I'm designed to move to increase my chances of encountering resources, mates, and share my knowledge.

The ground, including houses, are merely launch sites for me to move into the pain-free realm of the atmosphere and waters where, if it was not for my physical limitation causing me to need to land, there are no solid objects to encounter and cause pain and discomfort.

The ground requires too much negotiation and manoeuvring to avoid pain. That's why people use wheelchairs to flow over it more smoothly without bumps, knocks and pain.

Denying people on the grounds of their disability from accessing healthcare is wrong.

People with disabilities have much less choice in life because of their incompatibility with the one-size-fits-all norms created by state management.

I've never seen a state census form that has the ability to list my address as "the atmosphere" or "a warmish body of water, wherever I may find it".

If a person's disabilities mean that they cannot live in a traditional dwelling, they should have the right to move wherever they want and any speed they so choose, and should not be restricted more than a non-disabled person who has less need to access healthcare.

I should have the resources to live at the top of a mountain because there are no people there who will abuse me because their generic sensitivities are too offended by my disabilities.

Intravenously supplying me with powerful tranquillisers and time-consuming, irrelevant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are wrong.

Enjoy your day,



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