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Should we try and prevent disabled people being abused?

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  • Philip
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    We get abused by governments, when I worked at the DWP I was abused by managers, there is no easy answer, certainly no answer until governments sort themselves out.
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  • Michaelturtle
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    Abuse is rife in social services.I have a son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of thirty one.He had a mental breakdown at the age of 19 and spend three months under section 3.He was discharged from hospital without any aftercare assessments or services and " informally" from S117.My son requires continual support to manage acute anxiety,depression and his autism( he has learning disabilities as well)since his breakdown.He has massive doses of anti psychotic drugs to manage his psychosis.Since his breakdown he has been unable to interact with non family and we have provided all his support. For two periods of time Direct Payments were provided to enable his brother to provide support with activities but these end up being stopped and alternative plans provided that require support to be provided by agency support workers.This support cannot be accepted by my son and consequently my wife and I provide 24/7 support without any aftercare services being provided.This has been the case for the past four years.The County Council has saved £130,000 over this period and my sons mental health has deteriorated along with ours.Abuse is endemic in social services because those with mental disabilities are a soft target for saving funding when cuts are required.


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