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First-floor flat and I'm not coping with the stairs - what help can I get?

emma25 Member Posts: 2
Hi I'm em 25 I have m.e and severe fibromyalgia I have lots off other disabilitys but the ones I've named affect me physically. I'm in a 2bed first floor flat and I'm not coping with the stairs I'm not sure what help I can get but the council won't help me it's making my illnesses worse the stress etc please if someone can advise how to help let me know thankyou 


  • Jean Eveleigh
    Jean Eveleigh Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    is it a private rent, council rent, housing association rent  or do you own the flat? - as the help available will differ depending on which of these it is
  • emma25
    emma25 Member Posts: 2
    It is a council flat 
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering
    Hi @emma25,

    Have you had an assessment by an Occupational Therapist since moving into the property? An OT can assess you in the property and advise you on any aids or adaptations to help you manage in the property. If there isn't anything suitable for you, they can send a report to the housing department stating that your current accommodation is not suitable which could then help you with a move.
    Which local authority do you come under? I will look up their housing allocations policy for you.

    You could also consider participating in a mutual exchange with another council or housing association tenant and this could be a quicker way to find suitable housing. 

    I hope this helps get things started for you.

    Best wishes


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