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Daughter's hygiene

Lhorvath Member Posts: 1
I have an 11 year old daughter with a learning disability.  one conern i have is her lack of caring specifically on how she looks or her hygiene.  tgere is a constant fight of not washing well when showering (leaving shampoo in hair) or not brushing hair or teeth.  this is a daily vattle.  any advice?


  • abstractLucas
    abstractLucas Member Posts: 76 Connected
    Hi @Lhorvath,
    Don't know how much of this is specifically related to her LD - I struggled to get my completely 'normal' daughter to do this stuff!  She's 12 now and much much better, but her 15 year old brother has severe learning disabilities and it all gets done because we do it all for him.
    Maybe worth taking her to somewhere like Boots or Superdrug and getting her to choose herself a new hairbrush and some nice clips, her 'own' toothpaste and shampoo? Maybe if she felt like she had a bit of control then she might be a bit more interested? Then lots of compliments when you can see she's tried, even if she hasn't done that good a job - it might encourage her to keep trying if she feels like it makes a difference!
    Worth a try!
  • StuckCanuck
    StuckCanuck Member Posts: 3
    You can ask her school to put personal care into her learning plan...and also puberty related education. It really helped us.


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