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Hi, my name is aliboo64!

I am a severely disabled full time wheelchair user. I'm doing an MA part time in English Lit: Creative Writing and love writing and reading.

 I have 2 children a 24 year old chef, and a 13 year old daughter who has CP.  She blogs about it too.   We are both disability activists - her more than me  now as I am older and was really 'busy' in my late teens, twenties and thirties. She has more energy than me - but hey I'm not that old really.  

I'm active in my community, love healthy cooking, I'm on a weight loss and fitness journey - I've lost 83 pounds so far since Aug 2015 - much more to go.  I love animals, films, theatre, music - most things really.

Thought I'd join this forum (again! I was a member in the months and years after my daughter was born before it was closed) to support others and make friends.  Hello to everyone! 



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