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I am 51 years old with health problems

bridegtbridegt Member Posts: 3
edited November 2016 in Disabled people
just log in to this web page I am 51 years old with health problems with standing and sitting to long has my leg swells up and is very pain full all the time so I can't work witch I used to work for social services has a full time cook with in an old persons home. In  joy it very much but we closed down and then I had a d v t on my left leg and it been bad. my brother takes me every where but has to drop me off first then go and find a parking space I was told yesterday that I may be able to get a blue badge has I get pip. that why I talking to you today.


  • bridegtbridegt Member Posts: 3
    my name is spelled wrong at the top of this blog it is Bridget Stroud I hope you can help with my problem. thank you for letting me talk to you has I felling very low at the moment because of the pain that I got in my left leg. thanks again for listing to me
  • bridegtbridegt Member Posts: 3
    went for my appeal yesterday about my health problem and thank god I won it has I don't no want I would have done if I did not win. A few months ago I got so low that I felt like ending it all because the pain that I had in my leg was getting me down if it was not for my two cats looking at me I may not be here blogging you to day I glad that I got someone to talk to I don't like to keep telling my family my problems they got there own ones .thanks  again . 
  • Chris_ScopeChris_Scope Member Posts: 695 Pioneering
    Hi Bridget, welcome to the community. If you'd like to talk to someone on the phone about your issues, please do give our free helpline a call on 0808 800 3333 (9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri). You can also find information about Blue Badges on our website here. Hope this helps.
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    hi bridgt, i just took my  PIP letter to my council they took my details charged me £2.00 took my photo, then my blue badge came in the post.  hope this is helpful.
  • Gordon54Gordon54 Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Hi Bridgt, I was also told I could apply for the blue badge (After a few years struggling). When yours comes through which I am sure it will, make sure you read the small print about the use etc of the badge. The badge is not easy to get, but it's a lot easier to lose if a friend or similar uses it without you knowing.  So make sure you keep it xx. As Nanof6 mentioned it is wise to pay the small fee and have the documents etc sent for you.  
    Regarding your pain, may I be a nosey person and ask what your problem actually is? 
  • mousie1mousie1 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Bridget,
    i am 53 and am starting to have lots of health problems, related to my CP.
    I seem to be wearing things out, or bits are falling off lol.

  • mousie1mousie1 Member Posts: 7
    I went along to my local council office, with proof of DLA etc.  Plus my photos.  They gave me the form for my blue badge, I completed it whilst there and handed it back in with the payment.  Received the blue badge two weeks later in the post.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Pioneering
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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