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Hi, my name is Hal! And I fear I'm losing it, first my DLA, then...

Hal Member Posts: 2 Listener
It was on 3 October when I finally received THAT dreaded letter by the DWP, informing me that my DLA will cease and that I'll have to apply for PiP instead. And like many others, I am likely to be well, just not disabled enough for PiP (I've had chronic dysthymic depression since my childhood, symptomatic HIV since 1996 and diagnosis of autism early last year). 

I'm tremendously scared how my life will look like with nearly £7k less a year but added costs towards rail and public transport (as I'll also lose my Freedom Pass and disabled Rail Card).

And I'm angry. Angry that I have to soon justify my disability - and go through a futile and humiliating medical examination soon.

And yes, I am aware that many others are in even worse situations than I am (those, who had to return their mobility scooter, lost their home due to the bedroom tax, etc.)

At this stage, I have the pre-assessment (done over the phone) behind me and have so far  received only a letter where I have to confirm my nationality. Then, they'll send me the actual PiP application form (which I'll fill out with my social worker at http://www.positiveeast.org.uk/).

Anyway, any helpful pointers I'd appreciate and hope to help others too. But at least for the moment, it is all very scary and emotionally difficult.

In solidarity,



  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,610 Disability Gamechanger
    Hal, I empathise with everything you've written.  I, too, was worried that, with the DWP's determination to exclude, unfairly, as many claimants as possible from PIP awards, all my benefits would go.  As it has turned out, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I have been awarded standard rate both for daily needs and getting around which means that the only passport benefit that goes is my disability class road tax.  However, I am appealing the DWP award decision.  And 68% of appeals are successful.

    Your social worker's help completing the PIP claim form should be of considerable assistance.  Also look at the Disability Rights and CAB websites for advice on applying for PIP.  You can ask the DWP for extra time to complete the PIP form.  The DWP PIP Handbook is helpful.  As is the DWP Assessors' Guide which is very illuminating: gives insight into the ways assessors try to find ways to assess claimants as less disabled!

    I'll post the links to the Handbook and Guide below.  Debbie Voakes kindly gave me these links which I have found very helpful
  • fedupfemale
    fedupfemale Member Posts: 28 Connected

    Hi Hal

    I understand exactly where you are coming from.

    Asked your Social worker to help you fill out the forms,there not easy. Also ask your Dr to write you a letter,some Drs ask for a fee for this but mine never as hes very good and doesn't believe in disabled people having to go through this.

    Also Welfare rights are excellent when helping fill forms in  if your Social worker is unable to do it. Just try and get as much medical evidence as possible.

    Sometimes because of certain conditions,they can do a paper based assessment instead if they feel it would be detrimental to your health,Maybe you could ask your Dr to write that on the letter.

    Anyway good luck,its not at all nice being judged after humiliating yourself on the form,

    Take care



  • Hal
    Hal Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Dear Matilda, dear Fedupfemale

    thank you both so much for your useful tips and your kind words. 
    I'm taking it step by step, I'd be overwhelmed otherwise.

    Thank you,


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