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Help with decorating a new home

shinhead Member Posts: 1
hello i am new here, i was hoping someone could tell me of any charities or organisations that can help a disabled person with painting a new home.  The individual can provide the tools and paint but it is the actual physical labour that he is unable to do due to his disability.  The housing association have said they are not willing to provide any help with stripping wallpaper and painting and everything has to be done by the individual himself which is impossible due to his disability.  Any advice would be appreciated.  The person is based in london.  Thankyou 


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi there, I found this information from the Citizens Advice Bureau about Disabled Facilities Grants that may be of help.

    Best of luck

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  • [Deleted User]
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    DFGs are paid by local authorities and generally speaking, only approved by panels when there is a clear need to facilitate essential access to the home (ie can you get into the house, move freely around it, access washing, cooking and sleeping areas) - decorating wouldn't qualify. 

    It can be hard to get statutory funding for things like this as the works are non-essential.  So you're right to look at charities etc.  

    There's a grants database on the Scope website you could look at - it's got about 3,000 different grants on it.  Lots of really random ones so you'll have to put a bit of information in about the applicant's circumstances, and then filter through the results for those that are most relevant.  You could also look at disability-grants - there will be some overlap but always worth a check.  

    Finally, it may be worth approaching local volunteer organisations to see if they could pitch in.  Help can often be found in unlikely places - for example I'm a member of my town's buy & sell facebook group.  Last night there were over 40 comments from people willing to donate items for free to a disabled person who had just been moved to a bungalow but had no furniture.  Quite lovely really. 

    Hope you get this resolved!



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