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Hi, my name is margarete!

hi I'm 62 have  ostio arthritus in my joints. I walk with a gait. 3 yrs bk I had a arthroscopic on my right knee.iv had so much trouble with the leg and knee and ankle the knees give way and ankles iv had them injected into was told I need a complete total knee replacement.but after a meeting they are only cleaning it out again.to stop it locking. 8 wks ago I woke up with bruising on my right   side of my back where ur kidneys are. I went hosp they x rayed my spine said I had a lump .it wasn't the bone that hurt it's the soft area above the hip to under the rib and ever since I'm getting dreadful psin iv been hosp 4 times they out it down to arthritus I tell them it's the soft bit where  kidneys are and abovery I jeep getting bruising I don't eat much have a dore throst and have lost one and a half stone I feel ill all ghetto time 3 days bk my dr said he will send me for a ultrasound got to wait I was doubledoing up in agony again my dsughter wanted me to go hosp.I didn't go I'm on pain patches but it's not helped I use water bottles.any idear what it is x thanks 


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    Hi @margarete

    Welcome to the community!  I hope you enjoy having a look around the posts and getting involved.  

    A good place to start might be the Disabled People category or for general chat the Coffee Lounge.

    We can't give you any medical advice but we can offer lots of friendly support, it is important that you see your doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment plan in place.  

    Best of luck


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