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Hi, my name is fineart!

fineart Member Posts: 3 Listener

I have moderate cerebral palsy down my right which I've had since I was 18hr's old I'm now 32 , and just been diagnosed with cushings disease which is debilitating! I'm also a career for mother who is 75 who has among other things a heart condition and is parley housebound so I have do shopping etc ... I'm on esa and get DLA ( lower rate for care ) they've not put me on pip yet I'm scared that they will take it off me :( even though it says indefinite on my DLA (I went for the dreaded assment when they changed to esa which was horrible) I don't get the mobility part of the DLA even though I have cerebral palsy and I'm scared to go for that part as they may take it off me altogether ( I don't want rock the boat .. I did get middle when I was younger but they took it off me because I didn't go to doctors every time I fell, which I still do frequently  and now have to walk with an aid and would permently in the Doctors .

So that's me a little bit of history 




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