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Share your Christmas tips

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Christmas tree with presents against red backgroundChristmas is almost upon us once again!

It’s a time of excitement, but it can also be a stressful time for some, and impairments can make certain aspects of the festive season particularly challenging.

With this in mind, we’re currently working to put together some Christmas tips for disabled people and the parents and carers of disabled children and adults, and we need your help!

Do you know a thing or two about Christmas shopping and mobility issues?  Do you have some good ideas for presents for autistic children? Have you discovered some useful tactics for preventing loneliness and isolation at Christmas?

Please share any Christmas tips you can think of in the comments below.


  • Alex
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    Disability Horizons has published a great article with 5 accessible venues to visit this Christmas.
  • Sam_Alumni
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    There is a local group near me called Crackers & Co who provide a christmas dinner with a gift for anyone who is struggling, whether that is because they would be on their own, or if they are struggling financially, an older person or a disabled person.  They also do a delivery service for those who can't get out easily.

    They are a brilliant group and though they only cater for this area, I believe there are other groups around the country doing a similar thing so it is definitely worth a search of what is on offer around you if you are worried about facing christmas day alone this year.
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  • MSmum99
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    I get fed up of shops filling up space with extra displays and wrapping paper boxes around tills.  I complain when I come across them but not sure it makes a difference.  I tend to avoid city centre and support my local shops before xmas who tend to be more helpful.  My local co-op moved pop-up stands of chocolates I complained about.
  • MSmum99
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    Forget to say - use one of the charity giving sites to raise money doing xmas shopping online. I guess its possible to select 'Scope' to donate to or your favourite or local charity.

  • foxuk
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    Always cut and paste the item name on Amazon and you'll be surprised how many 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' super deals are the same price or less at regular prices.
    With Amazon 'Prime' the delivery charge is often in the price. Yesterday I bought some screw bits that were £3.25 more on Prime than as an add-on and even cheaper at toolstation.
    Many price comparison sites charge for being on their lists and things are often cheaper elsewhere. In fact I have never bought anything from a 'price-comparison' link as I have always found things cheaper elsewhere.
    Check eBay prices with Amazon - Amazon charge a lower % and the same sellers sell the same products there often cheaper than eBay.
    Christmas offers are often cheaper than the regular price even in Christmas week. Buying early doesn't always save Money.
    For those who can get out Lidl often have short date items free on Christmas eve just before closing.
    Always compare prices after the cost of delivery and/or taxi/bus fare to the high street.
    We live and eat well on benefits and haven't left the house for 10 years other than hospitalisation. Who needs the High Street?
  • AllisonMcG
    AllisonMcG Member Posts: 2 Listener
    One tip I have for anyone who shops in Primark or Matalan, is that all their stores have a dedicated Disabled Cash Desk, meaning not only do you not have to queue up with everyone else around that horribly tight space, but the desk is lowered as well. I love the idea of dedicated days in the shops, it would make things so much easier for so many people. 


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