Hi, my name is charlee78!

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I'm a mum of one, always trying to find humour in things even the hardest moments in life. 
I take my daughter to gigs now she's a teenager and has a love for rock music. It gives us a mini break and a different city to explore ( now mainly shopping and eating out lol)
I have ms, fibromyalgia and a blood disorder which have all affected my life with my daughter. Gone are the walking to school or around nature's wonders but we have both adapted around the things we can't do and found things we can do. 
I'm still smiling, more than not, still loving what life can offer and always looking for life hacks!  


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    @Charlee78 hello how are you. Welcome to the community. I also suffer from MS. Isn't it really a tough disease? It's really good that you are staying active because we both know that is really important for MS patients to stay active. I thought maybe we could talk on here sometime about our experiences with MS. I am really interested to know what medications are available in Great Britain for MS. I live in the United States. My name is Bam