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Why don't our "professionals" know their job properly?

Fundamentalist Community member Posts: 133 Courageous

Hi folks, Fm here. A few years ago I was arrested by the police and put under a 136 order on the grounds that I must've been "mentally ill" simply because I had the nerve to complain to another passenger who brought a maniacal ranting, whining ,howling dog on the bus so the driver panicked and parked up the bus and called the police and they took me to see a so-called "approved professional" at a hospital a few miles away and guess what, he had never heard of misophonia, well he should have! Surely someone who claims to be a mental health professional should be trained in the details of many different disorders as possible, not just "mainstream" ones. Since then I've also been to see another specialist who deals with autism spectrum disorders and believe it or not even he had never heard of misophonia either! So what is wrong with our professionals? Why aren't they properly trained? It seems to me that their training courses are just not adequate. I think it's about time that misophonia and severe heat intolerance were properly and officially recognised as disabilities then there wouldn't be all these gross misunderstandings and there wouldn't be so many stupid transparent public structures which heat up like a furnace inside in the summer sun which then EXcludes anyone like me which is a serious breach of section 20 of the so-called "equality" act. Yet those responsible for such structures still insist that they're "fully disability compliant" and fully "accessible to everyone" etc. which is simply not true and that infuriates me. And no-one is going to put another 136 order on me as I am NOT "mentally ill" at all. If they try they'll get told, and I'm well used to dealing with coppers who try and twist things around and pin the blame on me when some other person started it, they never want to know about the one who started it, oh no. But whenever I need the police's help they never want to know and that has gone on for decades and it's about time it changed. Fm.


  • basiclee08
    basiclee08 Community member Posts: 66 Courageous
    Sad but all to often many so called professionals need reminding. Too many of us fall through the so called safety net.  The trouble is this government as cut every public service to bone that Mistakes happen. Sad thing is I can't  see getting any time soon.  as for buses frequently the just drive by and don't stop for me. Might be having to do some work and get out and lower ramp for me to get  on. trains a nightmare too.  Keep Giving them double back. great piece. 
  • davet
    davet Community member Posts: 77 Courageous
    my thoughts exactly, further it would seem that we are unable to hold these so called professionals accountable, in 20012, I was in a meeting at work when I suddenly passed out, I was taken to the local A&E where I was diagnosed as having a chest infection, a week later, I lost the use of my left arm and hand and was again taken to the A&E where I was diagnosed with having had a stroke, the subsequent CT scan revealed anolder scar on my brain  which the stroke doctor said suggested that I had suffered a stroke a week previous, I have been left badly disabled, I lost my job ,my house, my savings and my marriage, I suffer with pain everyday am constantly depressed and often consider suicide, the law prevents me from suing the hospital under the statute of limitations, the hospital obviously deny any wrong doing
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