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innovations that help.

Hi from Fm. Someone wanted to know what innovations I had come up with that might help some folk and I'm not sure if this is the right place for it. The only thing I can think of that might help some folk is something I do which might help some folk with severe noise sensitivity like me. I've already mentioned this somewhere on one of my previous posts. I have got some old audio gear, an old music centre, and an old hifi tuner-amplifier and an old 80's big "ghetto blaster" all with old fashioned manual mechanical tuning and set them to FM radio on a blank frequency, i.e. not tuned into any stations and with no aerial and this makes loud white noise which for me at least drowns out all sorts though not everything  and I operate them using remote controlled socket adaptors and I carry the remote handset with me around the house so I can have white noise on demand. Of course you have to remember which button works each appliance and white noise doesn't penetrate walls so the neighbours next door won't hear it, it would have to be amplified much more for it to be heard next door. And be careful which remote control sockets you buy, I've had some nasty experiences with some of them as some have memories which are wiped if the power goes out and you then have to reprogram them all over again but some just have switches for setting the channel and some like I've got also have extra digital code setting switches so you can set it different if next door have some the same which can cause problems as they work through walls. If anyone else wants to try anything like this then don't try it with any later type radios with fancy digital tuning systems as they usually suppress the white noise so they won't do for this purpose. The older manual tuned tuners can be quite difficult to find now but there are still some on local car boot sales and flea markets. I know there's still lots of old music centres around in second hand shops but the ghetto blasters seem to have largely disappeared and whatever you use needs to be fairly loud with plenty of output watts. You don't need to be technically minded to set up something like this but it helps if you are. It also doesn't matter if the tape deck or CD player doesn't work, unless you want to play music as well as long as the FM radio works. Fm.



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