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What would i Change

norrms Member Posts: 41 Courageous

What would i change ???

I have seen children being born

I have watched people die,

They have taken their first breaths,

I have heard mournful cries,

Its been a long road,

This fifty nine years,

So full of laughter

So many tears,

But what would i swap?

I hear you all cry,

What would i change ?

Before my turn to die,

Ive seen many things,

More than once or Just twice,

Some were so wonderful,

Some not so nice,

Ive made many mistakes,

If the truth i do tell,

A few of them showed me

The path straight to Hell,

But i pulled back,

And just in time,

To change my old ways

To make my life mine,

So as i now sit,

in my Fifty ninth year

With so much experience

And only dementia to fear,

What would i change?

Would it be this? or be that?

No, not one B****Y Thing

And that is a fact !!!!

Norrms CC

Please share if you want to

Much love all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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