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Hi, my name is brionjames!

bruonjames Community member Posts: 4 Listener
Back in 2010 I was told by my specialist I had to stop working because I was causing major damage to my already damaged body, so I took heed of his advice.
 It was at this time the dept for work and pensions decided I was scum, and no longer human.
 I have been fighting since to get help, scoring 15 points on their system still doesn't entitle me to any help. Eventually I got a blue badge, but this March 2016 it expired, but now they will not renew it, even though my condition has deteriorated significantly, in their opinion I no longer fit the criteria. So much for equality for disabled people.
 I get treated as if I was fit and able-bodied, and not enabled to have help to achieve the sme things as the able-bodied, I think the description of that bill has been badly misunderstood.
 So that's my story, I was run over by a car in 1984, and have been suffering ever since, and although I have been working from when I was fit enough to do so until 2010, I still get no help.
Brion James is my name, not bruin, that was a typo.


  • iza
    iza Scope Member Posts: 701 Pioneering
    Sad story I hope you will find soon some advise by professionals here. Good luck 
  • MaryB
    MaryB Community member Posts: 11 Listener
    Hi there, 

    Welcome to the online community - thanks for joining us and for sharing your story. I am sure you will get some interesting feedback from others who may have shared some of your experiences. You can also find more specific information and advice through the support and information tab at the top.

  • jodowen
    jodowen Community member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi James
    It sounds like you're having a rough time. You don't say much about your physical difficulties or how old you were when the car accident occurred.
    Are your current difficulties linked to your previous RTA or are they due to other health conditions?
    I have a son of 16 who is recovering from a severe RTA 12 months ago and would happily share our journey with you if you think it might help.
    If you could tell me a bit more about yourself and the difficulties you are having i will listen and compare any successes we have had to try to ease your situation.
  • bruonjames
    bruonjames Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    In reply, my rta was in 1984 , before metal plates where fitted, or screws , or pins, so I  had a very long recovery time, several fractures of my skull, my legs hips and knee's and arms and shoulders where basically ignored while my skull started to heal, and so most of my current problems stem back to not being treated at the time.
     In those days serious injuries like mine where normally curtains, or you became a vegetable, (I don't wish that to come across as rude, or offensive), but that is how it was, so when I showed signs of life their statements to my parents was he will probably never walk or talk again, and may not have any movement.
     This puzzled me at the time because I didn't know who anybody was, I didn't know who my parents where, nor what parents did, so all a little bit much to take in.
     Slowly as time went by I learned who these people where, and what that should mean to me.
     Eventually I was able to sit up, and this shocked the doctors, and everyone else, and even started to talk again, then months went by and I even got out of the bed, and stood up, the first few steps where a bit scary, and so at this point I was booted out of hospital, I was back the next day because I obviously was not ready to be home, and fend for myself.
     As a 17 year old I was introduced to my friends, and my girlfriend, once back at home.
     Being told I had a girlfriend, and that she had been at the hospital almost every day, was a shock, and I had to find out what a girlfriend was, and what that meant, tough times, eventually I discovered that I didn't know what love was, and I had no concept of what it involved, and I had to come to the decision that it was best for her to move on, and find someone who could love her back, and who she could enjoy a good life with, because I had enough problems with my own issues, and coming to terms with who I was and what I had to do.
     It took many years for me to regain any kind of dignity, and awareness, and to discover things people take for granted, I still he no actual memories of my life before the accident, and hold on tight to what I have been told, because these are what I use for memories.
     Now at the age of nearly 50 my body is showing the signs of damage caused in the accident, I suffer in cold weather, when it's damp, and also when it's hot, I can't walk far, can't stand for long, and can't lift any weight.
     I am in constant pain, and have many drugs to make it bearable.
     I have purchased a mobility scooter to give me some freedom, and allow me some form of contact with my children and grandchildren, we can now go out for the day and I can keep up with them.
     I did go back to work about a year or so after the accident, my boss at the time was fantastic, he understood what had happened to me and started to teach me how to do the job I had already trained for but lost, I never did get back to how I was, and could not achieve what I used to be able to do.
     Eventually he closed the business due to a personal problem, and so I started to train again to do a different job, I eventually became a qualified electrician, and was getting fitter, soon I started out on my own, and had some success, then an old injury was broken again, and it was due to the physical stress I was putting myself so had a change of career, I became a vehicle electronic technician, and mot tester, this I perused until 2010, when during another operation for my shoulder I was told if I continued to work, within 5 years I would need someone to feed, dress, me, because my body was in such poor condition, partly due to the accident, and partly because I had been working too hard, this was not completely unexpected to me, but was a wake up call.
    So here I am now unable to work, and being ignored by the government because I m just a number, another statistic, with no help, and no support I struggle on being a financial burden on my family..
    Brion James is my name, not bruin, that was a typo.
  • bruonjames
    bruonjames Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    I was 17, off to buy a gift for my dad for Christmas, I never made it to the shop, the car that hit me was a Ford Capri, traveling at 40 ish mph, after impact I passed a Ford siera, a transit van, then landed in a heap on the road, broken bones, and deep cuts and grazes, a mess.
     My skull was fractured in multiple places, and my back, legs, shoulders where also damaged.
     I spent about a year in total in hospitals, an rehabilitation centers, before I was able to do normal things, like make a cup of tea, cook baked beans etc, you know all the basic things we all take for granted.
    Brion James is my name, not bruin, that was a typo.
  • Matilda
    Matilda Community member Posts: 2,593 Disability Gamechanger
    @bruonjames, I think you might be eligible to claim PIP (Personal Independence Payment).  There is info on the Scope site about PIP.
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