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Want to send daughter to mainstream school, need advice how to

mughfarat Member Posts: 5 Listener
edited January 2017 in Education
My daughter is 12 with sever learning disability , delay n global development ans on statement. She was in mainstream school since nursery. She loved to go school and had friends .She was jappy to go school
For secondary we choose special school for her but unfortunately she was not settling there , hate this school n want to go mainstream school we did our best to settle her in special schhol but we failed. Physically she is fit love to b social and loves to talk too much and she wants to make new friends but not in special School.
I want to send her to mainstream school and we did appeal but I dont know how to convience the court .can some one give me advice how to 


  • iza
    iza Member Posts: 484 Pioneering
    Hi mughfarat,  it is sad that children cannot attend public schools for variety of reasons. The country I come from especially in my city is integrated school for healthy and disable children to learn together. Thanks to that idea children growing with knowledge that disable children are around us well. Here in UK I witnessed myself how one Dawn Syndrom Boy was excluded at the Year 5 from Primary School to be only home educated it lead to increase isolation among young children what is big mistake. Children need social contact. I recently read article that in my country they encourage  Dawn children to participate in workshop (drama/ theatre) and lather perform to public. Their earn money from sell tickets to get pocket money for expenses. Tell the court that forcing child to isolation from another children will have a huge package on her future.
    Isolated children get into silent depression and loosing on confidence in task they know by the time. Brining a child is love and educate all together. 
    Use a logic thinking looking how your doughtier can benefit in future by educating herself along others. Good luck. 
    LDNUMBERPAIN Member Posts: 21 Connected
    The evidence of Dr MacKay project with synthetic phonics which was supported by PM Brown and turned around a Scottish schools low educational progress is well enough documented to convince any court, you may also find it helpful to offer your own time to introduce your daughter into a mainstream school so you can support the school who may be short staffed.
  • Stripes
    Stripes Member Posts: 24 Listener

    Hi  mughfarat

    I am the Information and Advice worker for Scope and my suggestion is that you contact your local Information and Advice Service formerly known as Parent Partnership

    Here is an outline of what they do:

    The Parent Partnership Service helps parents and carers whose children have special educational needs, from pre-school age until they leave school.    

    Many children have difficulties learning at some stage of their school life and parents need information to help them make decisions about their child's education. We can explain how the education system works and how pre-schools, schools and local authorities aim to meet special educational needs.

    If you google Information and Advice service or Parent Partnership followed by the county you live in you may find your local service and they can offer you some advice on how to support your daughter to get back into mainstream school. Or you may find a link to the organisation by going onto your local authority Local Offer web site.

    If you require further information please feel free to email me on [email protected]


    Ian Jones

    Scope Information and Advice Worker


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