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Hi, my name is Hushpuppy!

Hushpuppy Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi I am a pensioner with autism that affects my daily living quite badly with changes and rigid thinking I was better when I worked all my life but since husband died and a social worker put me on street for 6months and with arm in plaster unable to find for myself I have ptsd. And no one understands my asc. And despite me trying to say what makes me meltdown or overload people do it and push me over the top.. Social all stuck together and I can't move forward till they realise the abuse she did to me including many laws broken and a lack of duty of care..  I haven't even been listened to despite letters from other professionals stating from being there how she spoke to me and refused to do what was agreed to get me homed. I wanted to end my life.. She needs be held accountable but no one will help me highlight this and get the abuse recognised and acknowledged so I can move on.. But then I am a nobody as I was thrown on street like a dog...  I waited 2yrs for eligible needs to go on a care plan as she wouldn't do it and my assessment. Was tampered with words changed to appear to reduce needs so substantial etc were changed to Low but they forgot I had a copy of original Substantial one they said didn't exist.. Why can they do this to a disabled person when their protocol says they Will be held accountable.. When I rung the abuse line instead of 24hrscome get my side they made me wait And keep her for 9WEEKS where she stepped up the abuse.. Managers never took it serious where it says All reports on abuse line will be taken seriously..  Social forgot to mention unless it's about themselves 


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Hushpuppy welcome to the community, this all sounds incredibly complex, I wonder if it might help you to speak to someone at the Scope helpline? 

    You can call them on 0808 800 3333 
    Senior online community officer
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 485 Pioneering
    You are right @Hushpuppy, you deserve really good help and a much better life than it seems to be right now.  I don't have enough expertise to help you but always happy to read what you are saying and chat.

    Also, the helpline Sam_Scope mentioned above is really good. It is free, they can call you back at a good time for you and they really helped me when I was so angry at how I'd been treated by ESA benefits stuff.

    You seem to miss work. I do too. Is working again, even for a voluntary hour each day or something, possible? Or is that out of the question right now (like it is for me).


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