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PIP Tribunal

tracyjanetracyjane Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited January 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi everyone ,I'm going for my tribunal pip,in next couple of days ,I have high functhnal autism and suffer other symptoms as well ,I got disaloud first time because she stated I could drive,which I learned by hands on ,I don't drive for past 6 years due to no confidence plus because I don't use my doctors that much as being one of my symptoms of fear of the doctors which causes to much stress .thanks for any help x


  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    Hello @tracyjane,

    You need to disregard every single thing the DWP has said as often it is pure fantasy designed to suit their own agenda.

    Start off with the official scoring system as this is all the Tribunal can consider no matter how the DWP has behaved.

    Score yourself as objectively as possible. Then compare this to the scoring in the Reconsideration. Then total up the points.

    Point by point describe how you are affected by your disability and how the DWP contradicted you. Hopefully you have evidence that they have ignored such as how a diagnosed disease actually works. Tell the tribunal that you have not been told that any of your facts have been officially disputed.

    Also point out any claims made by the DWP that they have not backed-up with evidence.

    Mention it if they have made no effort to seek your doctors' opinions.

    You will not need to attend the hearing and the DWP certainly won't as it would reverse the savings they are attempting to make.
  • ScopeHelplineScopeHelpline Member Posts: 209 Courageous
    Hi Tracey

    We would suggest that you attend the hearing if at all possible, to give your verbal evidence.  Your chances of winning are much more if you attend. Bear in mind that over 60% of appellants win, so your chances are quite good.

    Do research the PIP descriptors - for example on our website at www.scope.org.uk, there is a self-test. Please note that if you cannot do the activities that are listed 50% of the time, then it should be accepted that you cannot do them. Also you need to be able to do these activities "safely, repeatedly, in a reasonable timescale and in an acceptable manner" for it to be interpreted  that you can do them. These  conditions are not opinion, they are built into the regulations. 

    The ability to drive or otherwise is not strictly a deciding factor, except that if you can drive yourself from A to B, on your own, for example even  if these places are quite new to you, then it wouldn't probably be possible to make a case that you need another person with you to follow an unfamiliar route. 

    Phone us on the Scope Helpline - on 0800 8083333 -  if you'd like to discuss your hearing before you go there, we could just describe the set -up there for you, if that would help.

    Best wishes

    Scope Helpline

  • tracyjanetracyjane Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi guys ,thanks for your feed back will keep in mind what you have said,also did speak with Doctor about my conditions which he said if was asked he would explain my symtums ,as for points did score 6 there could have been more points added if only they didn't lie,which makes me so physically sick as this is one of my terms of melt downs ,on the ESA I scored 24 points and put in the support group, as it is now I don't go out let alone drive ,anyways will keep u posted thanks
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