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6 year-old calling out after going to bed

Mami Member Posts: 12 Connected
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  • Mami
    Mami Member Posts: 12 Connected
    edited September 2014
    My son is 6 years' old and had asd. I turn the light out at bedtime and leave the room but within a few minutes he calls me to go to the toilet, have a drink, move the covers etc. Sometimes it can take up to six return visits by me before he will go to sleep, even though he knows I am in my room and haven't gone downstairs. I have tried a "gold coins" as a rewards in the morning if he goes straight to sleep and then "a piece of treasure" after 6 nights but he has now lost interest in this and reverted to previous behaviour. Any advice welcome.
  • SleepPractitioners
    SleepPractitioners Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    Hi @Mami,

    Children come up with some fantastic distraction techniques!
    Does he need the toilet when he asks? Is he actually thirsty? if he does need the toilet then add one more toilet visit in just before he goes to bed, and if he is thirsty offer water (it's a boring drink that children normally get bored of being given after a couple of nights! if he is thirsty he will drink it!)
    Other than that when you return to his room, we would advocate not negotiating with him, simply say 'It's night time (name), go to sleep' in a quite plain voice and leave the room (repeat as many times as required).
    You will need to do this for at least two weeks but he will get bored of this before then! He needs to see you are not engaging with his distraction techniques, but you still get to go and check on him and address the issues!

    Good luck

    Em x


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