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How do i break this cycle of worry for him?

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  • hedgewitch
    hedgewitch Member Posts: 3
    My son is 6 yrs old has down's syndrome, sensory issues and seep apnoea. he wont sleep in his own room much - did have a smaller room till his sister moved out, so now he has space and everything is liking but he often refuses to sleep in his own room or will come into mine - i scares him when he stops breathing so like to be near me for reassurance. Sadly I was so ill for a few years as i was labelled wrongly and nearly died as i had been living with a blood count of 4.5, and i became ill when treated with iron - so he likes to ensure i am ok too as i have complex needs and could die in my sleep - how do i break this cycle of worry for him? He also wakes as soon as I move out of the bed so i get no peace or my own space.
  • SleepPractitioners
    SleepPractitioners Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    edited September 2014
    Hi @hedgewitch,
    Awww sounds like you have had a really touch time. The thing that needs to motivate you is that he has slept in his bed, and does oocassionally by the sounds of your email. Consistency is key, so if he comes in to your room, you return him to bed tuck him in and say 'It's night time (name) go to sleep' no other discussions or negotiations etc.
    Again a social stroy of your situation could really help with his worries. Has he had his tonsils and adnoids removed regarding his apnoea?
    Em x
  • hedgewitch
    hedgewitch Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your reply.
    as for the op he is still on the waiting list as he keeps getting ill each time they book it, and as they are not quick enough to catch him when he is might be a good idea thank you


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