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Hi, my name is annieod!

annieod Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi All,

I'm new here, had an accident three years ago which has left me chronic nerve pain, the winter is no longer my friend. Just looking for help and advice and maybe even finding others with the same condition? Myofascial pain syndrome. I've been told I won't be able to work as I have good days and bad days sometimes with no explanation. Anyway don't want to go on too much. So hello all :)


  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    Hello @annieod!

    Welcome to the community! I spotted that @iamuneek who signed up a few days ago also has Myofacial pain syndrome: https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/31157/pip-advice-fibromyalgia-chronic-myofacial-pain-syndrome-osteoarthritis-endometriosis

    We'd love you to get to know you more. If there are particular issues we can help with, please do share - we're here to help!

    Have a look a the categories list to find interesting discussions. We also have a coffee lounge for general chat: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/coffee-lounge
    Which is a great way to chat with others!

  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 581 Pioneering
    Hi @annieod

    Nice to meet you here. 
    I suffer from Trigeminal Facial Neuropthatic Pain (some says Trigeminal Neuralgia - as the border line between those two terms is very weak. I have  bilateral (both part of faces where left side is more affected than the right). I was very unlucky but still try to smile :)
    Everything happen over 4 years ago. I always say my life become upside dawn. I become extremely sensitive to cold air, winds, air conditioning, draughts, cold temperatures. 
    I manage to learn how to live with it. However, I needed to forget about my professional life plans. But once one door close in your life the other will open. 
    I found that I have lots of hidden potential inside me. 
    I start enjoy doing crafty things, create little project and so on. 
    You can see you are not alone here who cannot be outside for long in winter weather. 
    Drop me a message or chat if you need to talk about life. I am usually every 2 days to check what is happening here at the moment. 

    Nice to meet you and have a nice day. 



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