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Selective mutism

loreta Community member Posts: 2 Listener
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  • loreta
    loreta Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    I would like to tell you my long story in short and maybe you can advice me what to do as I think my child gets non verbal and will gain many problems with education/job in future if left as it is.
    My son is 7 and he is in year2 class in mainstream primary school. He has selective mutism, that's my opinion he's not diagnosed with that yet by doctor, as well he has high functioning autism diagnosed in 2013. Problem with verbal communication started in late days of reception class. He has support teacher at shool which works with him for 2 years already. He has 1 session per week with speech and language therapiest now, which did not gave good results yet.His behavior much better now comparing with transition from nursery, he follows instructions and rules and very improved academically. He is very chatty boy at home/outside but not at school. He prefer to speak with close family members and a few friends from nursery which meets occasionally only. He doesn't speak with any other adults or kids and teachers at school neither grandparents. He nods his head or communicates by whiteboard  at school, he never ask for help he even never ask to go to the toilet and suffer in pain if teacher doesn't notice that... When someone ask him anything he doesn't reply and become stiff and turns away. ONLY speaks if I next to him and not direct to the person who talks with him.
     We had referred to CAMHS with the help of school's Senco from july this year had 2 meetings just to gather as much info about us, and no more meetings with them so far. Might be they still considering what to do with us..
    But all these days I just trying to help my child say a word to strangers but still no luck. Could you suggest anything?
    Thank you
  • LondonSpeechTherapy
    LondonSpeechTherapy Community member Posts: 60 Connected
    Good evening Loreta, Apologies for the delay in replying to your post. My suggestion is to either personally refer your son to your local NHS Speech & Language Therapy department or to ask your SENCO to initiate this. Your concerns relate to his communication skills and his use of speech in different environments and as such I feel that Speech & Language Therapist working alongside a Clinical Psychologist would be the best combination. Very best, C
  • blue63
    blue63 Community member Posts: 35 Connected
    Can I ask for some advice  my daughter  didn't speak  for nearly 10 months back in 2017 we finally  had cyps intensive care team come out  in October  2017 as my daughter  was in a bad way back then she was 11yr old in may 2018 we got home tutoring she was starting to talk to us again and now and then with camhs  she had  medication  which helped a bit in 2021 camhs said because  she would not engage they too would have to discharge her  in don't know if it is selective mutism  as they have not giving a dignoses  just say low mood and anxiety  we are now going back to camhs as gp says they have to  help she is still not having schooling since September  2021 she also stays in  a lot only going out with a family member she is 16 now and I am worried  for her as in 2020 she was in a bad way and have to been hospilised  worried mother


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