Cystic Fibrosis and benefits

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Hi thank you for allowing me to join your group, my 35yrold son has Cystic Fibrosis and 11mths ago they took the very small amount of benefit off him, he lost his full time job which was very well paid and now expected to live on £68 per wk, consequently has lost lots of weight (not good for a CF sufferer). We did appeal but wasn't prepared to bare face lie to the court room/doctor


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    Hi @shazbott7 this sounds very stressful.  There are lots of members here who have gone through the appeal process so do have a look around and chat to others.
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    @shazbott7 - you might want to post in the "Ask a benefits advisor" section - there are benefit experts there and they might be able to suggest that you could reapply for lost benefit.