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PIP Motabilty / Mobility help completing form

jabe Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi I currently have DLA higher rate mobility & am completely reliant on my Motability car to get to work & on the rare occasions I go out. I am struggling with completing the mobility section of PIP.

I drive to work etc use an in car sat to help keep me focussed & text my partner when I arrive (I once nodded off & bounced off the kerb after a particularly bad night due to rheumatoid arthritis) I don't drive in the evenings anymore - too exhausted. Nor do I drive anywhere other than work occasionally local shops if up to it or to visit my mum 4 miles away.  

If I do have to drive to an unfamiliar place as my partner cannot take me he usually drives me there beforehand so I can check out parking access etc. I am completely reliant on my car & rarely go out except to work  unless necessary due to pain fatigue etc cause by no. Of health conditions incl. rh, chronic asthma immune disorder. I cannot use public transport.

Which box do I tick? Needs help with familiar/ unfamiliar journeys or not? Any advice / tips would be gratefully received


  • Hi @jabe

    I'm hoping I can help here - but bare with me as I'm fairly new on the online community!

    There's a really useful resource on this on the Citizen Advice Bureau's website about what this part of the PIP form really means and how to complete it:


    There are three parts to the going out question - 13a is around needing help to do a route you need well, 13b is around needing help to do a route you are not familiar with and 13c is asking whether you are unable to leave the house due to anxiety. As with all claims, we would always advise that you complete your form honestly and truthfully and from what you have written above, it sounds like you would need to tick no to needing help with familiar journeys (section 13a) however it sounds like for the second question, 13b that you do need help with unfamiliar journeys so you would need to tick yes. There is also a section for you to explain your situation to the DWP in more detail of how your disability affects you for going out.

    There is also another resource which many customers have found really useful with how to complete the PIP form and feel a bit more confident with the process, which might be helpful for you:


    If you need any more information or support please let me know -in the meantime I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


  • jabe
    jabe Member Posts: 10 Listener
    That's great thanks Kirsty - I will have a look now. Really appreciate the help.
  • Your more than welcome :) do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes,


  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,610 Disability Gamechanger
    Disability Rights online PIP advice is very good, too.  They have a good draft diary.  It's advisable to include a diary for at least seven days giving details of your daily life.


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