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possible dla-pip bloodshed

dwpeedonmedwpeedonme Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hi all, looking for advice and any help is appreciated. Dwp sent me a dla to pip letter and said I had to ring if I wanted to claim pip. I did this and got a form a few weeks before Christmas. Dwp said send it in by 1 January but I knew that was a con. I scribbled in it quickly and sent a few doctors letters in with the form.

I had a letter arrive a few days ago saying I had an medical 40 miles away at some stupid time. 

I rang dwp and told them I'd be coming covered in blood. Unless they wanted to check my reaction and planned to change location anyways, my rant must of bothered them a little bit because they said would assess me on paper or at a centre closer to me. 

Unfortunately they called again and said I had to come to a centre ten miles away.

Well all I can say is...if I go I am likely to be going in a mess and in a bad mood. I may or may not self harm. All I know for sure is they don't care. 

I've got no gp at the moment either. I was basically being abused by the neighbour from hell until just before Christmas. He kept me awake all night and stalked me throughout the day for years. My doctor wrote to council and after a long fight I was moved. It came out of the blue. Everything was moved for me and now I'm in a nice quiet flat. Can't sleep well yet though. I think it'll be ages before I get rid of insomnia. Bang bang bang at 2am when your half dead nearly causes heart attack. I ended up in hospital with exhaustion just before moving. Crazy times. Need some peace, but no rest for the wicked!!! 

I haven't left my new home in a month. Well OK not strictly true..I've been picked up by my dad and spent a few hours at my parents house. I rarely go out due to agoraphobia and anxiety though. I have one friend and in some way he's more of a carer than anything really.

I have always asked to see a shrink but it's never happened. And I've thought about getting a carer, but i don't know how to do that?? Doctors and shrinks are of no interest nowadays. I'm too stuck in the mud or set in my ways. I hate change. 

My gp helped in a lot of ways but wasn't ever good at referring patients anywhere. Non of them were. I lived in a few different areas all close to one another and family, but all had different catchments for gp services. IMHO all the government **** talk about mental health treatment being a priority is just that. **** talk. It's difficult if not impossible for people to get counselling etc. Unless your out in public being insane, nobody cares about treating them. Maybe help 20 years ago would have made all the difference to quality of life...

I'm sure dla payments have helped take some weight. I'm surprised I've managed to stay on benefits for more or less 20 years, but do worry it's going to crash and burn and I'm going to end up homeless. Still in the past dla helped with taxi fares so I could go to parents once in a while. It also helps with home comforts like Internet. I even managed a uk holiday once in a blue moon . That might sound fancy n all that, but when you don't get out much, home comforts somewhat help alleviate depression, and if getting away from the prison/house is possible once or twice every year or three it can be beneficial and nice. The trouble is I've missed more holidays than I've taken. I've spent more years in than out by a long way. I just try to stay out of bother away from drugs, but once in a while, feeling confident for a moment and having control over bank leads to reckless bookings and lost cash.

I don't go anywhere generally and never reliably get anywhere. I mean I might get to the bus stop and wait a while. But pretty much wave it goodbye before heading indoors again. You can't do that if you need to be at work or at an appointment. I fear missing the atos medical. If I do not go what will happen?? 

They know i will struggle to get there. I've told them I might not make it there. And I might not. Especially if I stress for 2 weeks. 

I'm unreliable like it or not. Tell me be somewhere at a certain time and it may or may not happen. Even iF it does happen and I show up when told, it's not likely to happen the next day and again the day after. The house could be on fire and there's a good chance I wouldn't leave it.

Anyhow do you know what duty of care dwp owe people with mental health issues?? 

Surely some trouble would come their way if I tell them I am going to self harm and then turn up covered in blood?? I'm tempted to turn up having self harmed, and basically seeing how long it takes the nurse or whatever to notice blood!!!  

If an assessment is stopped does that guarantee no benefit award will be made??or are other things considered and awards made if it appears appropriate to make them. Dwp decision makers have access to all sorts of records so they could make an award without a face to face assessment?? 

I find it impossible to mix with people or speak to people so the above is a drastic way to make a statement without saying a word. I left school aged 12 due to nerves and other problems so like I say, dwp are aware of my past. I have pretty much been out of work and in their system since leaving school. I had jobs but they lasted between 1 hour and a few months...if I managed to get to the job!!! Often I'd not even show up because I was so wound up. 20years ago I suppose I managed to bluff an interview and get the job. That wouldn't happen now. I'd just freeze. Plus based on looks I'd probably be over looked. Self done throat cut tattoos and a weird red hand from self harm using a tattoo needle doesn't look good nor do my little confidence any good.

Please advise if possible...


  • charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
    I am not an advisor, but you wrote the same post in the site
    "benefitsandwork" are these two sites linked? And did you not get a good enough answer on that site, as i saw they replied?
  • dwpeedonmedwpeedonme Member Posts: 6 Listener
    No I didn't get a good enough reply on that site. Not really anyway. Are these two sites linked..you appear to be the Internet police so you tell me??  I don't know. I just posted where I'm allowed to and able to. If you got nothing helpful to say than thanks for your input.. Goodbye!!! 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 211 Pioneering
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  • dwpeedonmedwpeedonme Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thanks for your reply mumof3boys. Sorry to hear about your sons problems. Hopefully the dwp dont get on his back to much. 

    I'm interested in dwp duty of care and their safeguarding policies. They can't risk someone causing themselves or their staff harm due to their actions or non action. Therefore how do they assess their "customers" if there's that risk?  Knowing might be beneficial for anyone with mental health issues. It could be quoted as a reason not to attend assessment or for failing to attend one. Maybe a freedom of information request will give some insight?? 

    I'm going to write the dwp a data request so I can use it has evidence and to see what they have on file about me. Also I'll write dwp and atos a letter of complaint because their decision not to make adaptions for a disabled person caused and continues to cause that person harm. (No home visit offered and self harm/worsening existing health conditions)

    When I write I'm going to make them aware I may not make it to assessment and tell them if I'm not awarded pip I will ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Assuming worst happens and I fail to attend,  or attend but meltdown, I figure asking for a reconsideration will buy me some time to sort head a bit, and hopefully get some help. I'm not to bad at some planning stuff, but the execution of said plans is another matter.

    These days communication between people happens more and more online. It generally makes life a little easier not having to talk face to face with people, but even online it takes ages to tye my brains out, and when it's almost essential to speak in front of another person, it's harder than it originally was.

    Mental health just isn't treated...least it wasn't 20 years ago. People were left to slide into the dirt because there wasn't counselling services or other help regularly available. Doctors were probably told to cut costs by only offering help to real nutters...and where possible the first line of help offered should be drugs!!! Drugs that make many depression sufferers dead!!! I mean for many mess are a lifeline..sadly for a few it's the dead opposite. That's why any government speak about making health services better, and benefits accessible to those most in need, are NOT to be taken seriously!!!

    Anyhow should dwp turn me down following reconsideration request, I don't know if I'd appeal or not. It might be easier or faster to make a fresh claim??? 

  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @dwpeedonme welcome to the community, your situation sounds really complex.  I wondered if you knew about the Scope helpline? They are really great and might be a good place for you to get some support and information.  You can call them on 0808 800 3333
    Senior online community officer
  • Lynne53Lynne53 Member Posts: 52 Courageous
    Hi @dwpeedonme, isn't there a duty of care, especially for Mental Health problems, it seems so unfair when they know of your problems not to offer a home assessment.   I really hope you manage to get things sorted.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 211 Pioneering
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  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    hi, maybe they wont come to your home for safty reasons
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 211 Pioneering
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  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    i understand that, but saying about bloodshed and self harm you have to have a knife or blade of somekind, surly it would be safer for his parents who he visits to take him, to the accessment
  • Chris_AlumniChris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 695 Pioneering
    Hi @dwpeedonme, how are you getting on? As Sam says, the Scope helpline may be able to give you some advice on 0808 800 3333 (9am-5pm). Mind's helpline are also well worth a call if you haven't spoken previously as they can advise on all mental health issues and matters relating to these, such as DWP duty of care - their number is 0300 123 3393.

    With regards to your query about PIP home visits, I would recommend you post a question to our online benefits advisors as they will be able to give you guidance on this.

  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    Hello dwpeedonme

    You can ask that a PIP medical assessment be done at your home. 

    You need to contact Capita or ATOS depending on who will assess you.  The first appointment letter you received should (hopefully) make it clear which company it is. The appointment letter should have also give you a contact number and i would start here to request a home visit.   Your account of not leaving your home, and sheer frustration leading you to think about self harm is clear evidence that you need a home visit. But of course i cannot offer you a guarantee that how i see things will be the same as Capita/Atos.  If they refuse a home visit make  a complaint, post back if you need advice on this, and contact your MP.  Make your MP aware of the impact this is having on you, and that having a home visit would go some (albeit) small way in helping your move from DLA to PIP.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    Will Hadwen
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  • dwpeedonmedwpeedonme Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Evening all and thanks for taking the time to reply, and for your concerns. I can't really address my bloodshed comments without going on and on. Basically the last place I'm less likely to become stressed and have a moment is in my own space(especially accompanied by someone I know).

    What triggered a meltdown or 2 during the last few weeks is the fact I have been through a lot with my nutty ex neighbour, and now I've been moved & given a chance to get some privacy and maybe some sleep, atos want me to wave my right to a private life again and explain everything face to face.

    It's hard for plenty of people to share their life with the dwp in order to get help off them. Embarrassing in some cases. Yet they force information out of people. And then they ask for more details about how say a seizure or a severe learning difficulties impacts on day to day life. The ability to toast some bread is seen as being able to safely use a knife. Walking 20 minutes slower than someone without walking sticks is seen as being able to drive or bus to a seated job.

    Most people can give them information on paper without worrying too much though. Like a keyboard warrior hiding behind a computer screen, it's sometimes easier say paper. Face to Face is a different story. Even those with only physical problems can struggle. I mean (for example) imagine having trouble with bladder control and sitting in a room explaining why you wet yourself..it'd be enough to make a person wet themselves!! 

    Add mental health issues and explaining what you mean to a stranger is even more likely to cause problems. Maybe not of the nature above, but equally bad, if not far worse. 

    It really doesn't seem necessary to get someone to repeat what they have written on a claim form if there is clear evidence the issues exist anyway. Generally doctors know what their talking about in regards to their patients health and generally don't lie to dwp. Of course some people will pull the wool over everyone's eyes. But there are probably far less benefit blaggers and scroungers than we are led to believe. I'm not sure how they should be routed out, but they should be, and weak medical evidence may be the starting point. Then again what would happen to those that are sick but for one reason or another they don't engage with doctors?  Would a previous diagnosis stop a call into the atos office or loss of benefits. Who knows. Sanctions happen all the time for no reason.

    Prior to being moved I was recording myself on video so I could prove noise etc was happening. And that I wasn't doing anything to provoke anyone or anything to retaliate. I was in head phones ear plugs creeping around getting no sleep & lots of stress. I tried not to flip my lid. It was hard. In public or around people for too long I can flip. It's overwhelming. I do try to be polite if I see people and do try hard not to flip out, but it's hard not to have a moment at the best of times. I sometimes wonder if I suffer autism. I dont know much about it but I think sufferers get overwhelmed with sights and sounds. Hit themselves or rock to calm down.have few friends. routines or ocd.

    Most of that seems similar to my issue.

    Add in all this**++ with nightmare neighbour and insomnia and it was coming close to some crazy end or another. Im lucky to be out of there in one piece. I hate change but this place is better than it was. Hopefully no homelessness occurs. Be sods Law or my luck...

    A break would be nice. And sleep. 
    I've been thinking all of this over a bit obsessively, and I've written to dwp to complain that they have caused me a bunch of worry stress harm etc etc etc by requesting I attend an assessment 40 miles from my house despite a lifetime award of dla and a long time in the esa support group due to health conditions verified by doctors. I also asked them to clarify whether I need to attend an assessment, if they can do a paper based assessment, or visit me at home. 

    Atos rang and cancelled the appointment 40 miles away and said I'd need to travel to a centre nearer to my home. I'm not sure when this is or if it's officially booked. I received a letter saying they have written to Doctors, but nothing about assessment. Makes me think it's not happening, but then my paranoid head keeps saying atos are planning to say we sent appointment letter but he didn't arrive.

    Since the claim started it seems to have been designed to cause harm. Asking me to return a completed claim form sent less than 2 weeks before Christmas and saying return by new years day meant I had no time to fill it in and I probably didnt explain myself very well.

    I'm dont think I am really really bad at explaining things on paper. It takes forever and once I start it ends up ramble in places, but it should be readable. My pip form should have been enough to work out now wasn't a good time and my health was bad. Least I think it should have showed that. 

    In my complaint/query letter I said the council don't move single homeless males off the cold hard pavement unless their lucky enough to be dying. Well they don't do they. That was in claim form and alone indicates a load of *+## had happened. A bit of digging by atos would have told them exactly what that +##! was. You would think dwp staff and council staff routinely talk to each other for many different reasons. If they did that I wouldn't need say a word and a load of hassle and distress would have been avoided. 

    Despite many health and safety officials interfering in Joe publics business, I don't think any government body really gives a damn about their duty of care. That's probably why nothing was said. For all I know the health assesor might have thought i can get paid  for getting rid of this guy. Literally getting rid of him if needs be. I don't get online for much really but sometimes a bit of reading is OK. I'm sure there's a site called black triangle? That reports on benefit stuff? Well I'm sure there's mentions of claimants dying on some site!! That and something about an investigation into breaches of human rights by UK government was interesting. I thought United nations went to poor countries or places with war?? Not here to look into claims that disabled and disadvantaged are being treated badly.

    I don't think there's any attempt to understand how certain policies actually affect people. Because it didn't seem clear to dwp I had recently had a meltdown and was physically and mentally pretty knackered, I had an unplanned reaction, partly because of the length of journey and partly because I felt like they had no idea how their BS affected me..It didn't do much because like I say,,attending near home was mentioned.

    My response to this took several days and resulted in a 6 page complaint/query and about 26 pages of medical evidence being sent to them. It arrived today. I think I probably went overboard so I hope they don't think section the nutter. Im sure I'll find out what they plan soon enough. Truth is truth believe it or not. What anyone believes or doesn't believe is up to them. And what they do about it is up to them and out of my hands. Fingers crossed they decide to do a paper assessment or failing that a home assessment. I've asked for all 30 pages off my letter to be returned along with everything they have on file in case it's off any use in the future. A data protection request I think? 

    Well I don't go online a great deal and typing even with predictive words takes all day...so my brain is fried and that's almost all folks. I'll probably not be back to update. Not for a good while anyway. Like I said, I've had no privacy for years because of neighbour, and the right to a private life, and the right to remain silent sounds good right now. 

    Cheers again 

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