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Vitamin B12

salwil89 Member Posts: 56 Courageous
Please can someone tell me when it is advisable to have vitamin B12 injections?  Whilst I have endured a severe case of peripheral neuropathy, these have never been prescribed to me and I wonder why? If not then what other neurological conditions apply?


  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,590 Disability Gamechanger
    I don't know about B12 injections, but I regularly take B12 tablets, available over the counter.  On the packaging it reads: 'Vitamin B12 helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and healthy blood cells'.  But I originally starting taking B12 after reading in the old Here's Health magazine that B12 can help maintain mental alertness.
  • salwil89
    salwil89 Member Posts: 56 Courageous
    @Matilda Many thanks for your feedback.  Will have a look at the Here's Health magazine. Sounds very good. :smiley:
  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,590 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @salwil89 - unfortunately Here's Health magazine ceased publication some years ago - but I understand that there is now another mag with similar content.  Google Here's Health magazine and there probably will be info about the alternative mag.
  • salwil89
    salwil89 Member Posts: 56 Courageous
    edited February 2017
  • firegem71
    firegem71 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    I have HNPP and I have been taking B12 tablets for over a year now and I feel better for taking them, not tired as much and can move around a little bit more.
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,945 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @salwil89
    i also suffer with vitamin b12 deficiency I started having injections in May 2016, I was constantly tired, could barely move and struggled with breathlessness, within a month of having the injections I felt so much better, couldn't sit still because I loved being active again, in the August I completed a 5 mile walk over 3 peaks, wouldn't have been able to do that a few months previous, the injections are so worth the few seconds of pain, I have them every 12 weeks
    best wishes :)
    Ami xxx
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • Cazann
    Cazann Member Posts: 83 Pioneering
    Hi Salwil89
    Have you got HNPP? I have it and I'm taking B12 tablets. They are one per day (1000 mg)  I was talking to a lady who has HNPP too and her doctor gave her B12 injections in her arm. Her arm went numb for 18 months! So she was put onto the tablets. If you have HNPP then it may be best to check out that the injections are suitable.
    Good luck.

    Cazann x.
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    I have Vitamin B12 injection every 12 weeks in summer and 10 weeks in winter.
    I have pernicious anemia.
    The injection is stingy but definitely helps with tiredness etc.
  • Laney47
    Laney47 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi myself and my son both have b12 deficiency it is very misunderstood by doctors,i have my injection every 3 months but it is no where near enough,i know i need it every month but doctors will not budge,my son is on 3 weekly injections due too neurological damage there are some great groups on fb which jas saved my sons life 
  • brighid
    brighid Member Posts: 23 Connected
    I would encourage you to look at the Facebook group ‘pernicious anaemia/b12 deficiency - support group’ B12 deficiency can be very debilitating and cause extensive damage, can even be fatal. Doctors don’t seem to have much info about it, so doing your own research is good. Injections are often necessary as tablets aren’t absorbed in the same way and can be completely useless in some cases. 
  • newborn
    newborn Member Posts: 747 Pioneering
    It may be worth remembering B vitamins in particular, and vitamins in general, can be overdosed, causing problems
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    @newborn I asked one gp what happens to the vitamin injection if I actually didn’t need it, i was just curious, one said it disperses into your body causing no harm then another said about overdose.
    Whats the correct answer?
    Im back to 12 weekly injections but don’t feel they are doing any good anymore 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    I often wonder if I am anaemic as I have symptoms regularly. I get blood tests a couple of times a year for borderline diabetes and I ask about anaemia and sometimes I am anaemic but they just repeat the test and its usually okay and I am suddenly okay. Its insane. Also take lanzoprazole which I just read can inhibit absorption of b12! Would like to know whats better injections or tablets? I am thinking of getting a decent multivitamin.
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    @debbiedo49 you doctor can check blood for vit b12 deficiency. Just to warn you though, if you need injections they are quite painful.
    But if your rather you can buy the tablets, Holland and Barrett are really good, the will give you good advice regarding your symptoms and what would be best to take, especially if your on other medication.

    Id ask your doctor to check your levels the next time your there as if border line you probably could do with somet x
  • brighid
    brighid Member Posts: 23 Connected
    You can't overdose on b12 it just gets excreted in your pee if there's more than your body needs. B6 can be toxic tho. If you are taking b12 tablets it will skew your blood results, you need 4 months clear of tablets before you get a true result. In many cases injections are best because absorption can be hindered by gastric issues. Be aware too that lots of people report debilitating symptoms and have a 'normal' blood result, so it's not a definitive test. Please check out the facebook group if you're at all concerned about b12 deficiency, the people on there have lots of knowledge and experience. There's a book that is recommended called 'could it be b12' and there's also a video on YouTube. Can't remember the title but you'd probably find it with a search. It is very eye opening...
  • brighid
    brighid Member Posts: 23 Connected
    lanzoprazole will interfere with uptake from tablets too. You'd probably need injections. 
  • nerouk
    nerouk Member Posts: 3 Listener
    After taking Metformin for about a year even though the leaflet warns about low vit B12 levels My surgery tested me and my vit B12 was off the bottom of the scale! I now have bad peripheral neuropathy and my g.p. isn't interested in helping me. oral  b12 supplements are affected by digestive system but will show any tests for vit b as o.k. Proton pump inhibitors (lansoprazole and omeprazole) also afffect it's absorption into your body so injections, bypass the digestive system and are more effective than tablets but Holland & Barrett also provide a sublingual (under the tongue) spray which is absorbed into the bloodstream more readily,But please do your own research on the internet to corroberate my findings.


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