What benefits am I entitled to?
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Legal Right

salwil89salwil89 Member Posts: 61 Courageous
Good Morning.  I don't wish this issue to become ugly despite the discussion title I have assigned to my message.

The purpose of my enquiry is to find out if, by law, I should be self-supporting even if I incurred a medical condition through no fault of my own.  I have been self-supporting for almost eight years except for 18 months when I claimed ESA and housing benefit.

I acquired a condition called Cauda Equina which was not diagnosed by the medical team here in London.  Due to the onset of increasing paraplegia and the inability to walk independently, I landed up leaving London and had an emergency back operation without medical cover.

Under these circumstances am I really expected to support myself.  The medical condition I incurred is through no fault of my own. At the time of my operation, I had to have my L4 back disc removed (as part of this diagnosis) to avoid a right foot amputation due to severe lack of circulation to this foot as well as a lifetime of paralysis.

I can understand having to support myself if I had deliberately attempted to hurt myself in some way which would have resulted in medical attention. But I have not! I simply worked and lived here in London like everyone else yet landed up with condition.

Your advice on this would be highly appreciated.

With thanks.


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