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Your Little Quirks

RDZ_photo Community member Posts: 7 Listener
I have been thinking lately that there might be something different about me; things that I do and don't like. I also think I have food neophobia as i'm a really fussy eater.

What would you say were some of your 'Quirks' if you have already been diagnosed as being on the spectrum or are going through the process of a diagnosis.

I'd love to see others thoughts and see if mine do tally up or i'm just over thinking things.


  • joannarashelle
    joannarashelle Community member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Hello @RDZ_photo

    my middle name should be 'quirks' at least close friends who know me well call my quirks 'Joannaisms' (my name is Joanna)

    I like things neat and tidy, bordering on obsessively sometimes I guess. 
    Dont like the feel of labels on clothes I have to cut them out! My skin is very sensitive. 

    Love the outdoors adore forests trees mountains beaches etc
    Yet feel uncomfortable when any clothing I have on gets dirty, my washing machine is constantly on! 
    Makes life kind of hard because I feel happy outdoors walking in puddles even muddy ones.. though don't like the mud getting on my boots! 

    I always feel I overthink things, have been told 'you think too much' all my life, but then I say to myself most who have done something wonderful in the world have been thinkers. 

    It was interesting to hear you feel you're a fussy eater, I think I'm the opposite I love food with a passion! 

  • RDZ_photo
    RDZ_photo Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    I am the fussiest of eaters and always say if i liked vegetables i'd be a vegetarian lol.

    I too like things organised and straight but at the same time have messy parts of my home as things tend to find a spot and then live there.

    I colour coordinated my sponges in the bathroom and kitchen depending on what they were being used for. Don't like when someone else changes something or if dad was driving and he went a different way to me that wasn't as quick.

    I struggle in social situations (don't like big groups or parties of people where I don't really know anyone) and find getting and keeping a job hard.

    I work with children and always say to new people I don't like baked bean play (can't stand looking at them never mind touching them). The real thing is I don't really like messy play. I prefer things like jelly, shaving foam; hate the feel of wet sand on my hands and will always use a utensil if there is one there. 

    I'm also one of those that prefers the company of animals to humans lol
  • Ariel
    Ariel Community member Posts: 16 Courageous
    Hm...a few of mine:

    - I get extremely stressed unless things are perfectly tidy and clean, but I have executive functioning issues to the point where as soon as one or two things are out of place, I get overwhelmed and can't work out how to tidy up again, so I just end up making things worse.

    - I can't drink water. I now recognise this as a sensory issue, but to me it has a slimy texture because of the minerals - like algae in a pond - and I could never understand how others could drink slimy water. I also rarely get thirsty so I drink very little anyway (but used to make myself ill by refusing to buy anything other than water, under the false belief that I'd be able to drink it if I got thirsty enough).

    - My husband finds it weird that I have a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe. Distinct different sets of clothing that I bring out for different seasons. Apparently that's weird.

    - I need to have my own fridge shelves/freezer drawers/cupboards. And my own storage spaces for other belongings. In my bedroom, it's a desk just for my stuff. I get upset if my things are mixed with anyone else's. I really, really need my own space. It'd be my dream to have a tent in my house, that was just my personal den.

    - Unlike a lot of autistic people, I need loud music/sound to relax. I can't drive without music, for instance.

    - I struggle massively with using the phone, and avoid it wherever possible.

    - I also really struggle with touching stones or chalk. Even watching someone using chalk on TV causes a lot of difficulty.

    - When I was little, though I've grown out of this, I couldn't be in a room without the door shut.
  • lonewarrior
    lonewarrior Community member Posts: 23 Connected
    Hi all, I haven't been diagnosed with ASD but believe I exhibit quite a few pointers, I always assumed I was dyslexic but having come this far and finding out about ASD I now understand why I have never felt belong! My quirks are many, I constantly count everything! Letters in a word,if the letters add up to an odd amount I then count the individual parts of each letter, for example hello =5, so instead of the whole letters I count each separate part, h=2,e=2'l=1,l=1,o=1, total 7. So I turn it into capital letters, H=3,E=4,L=2,L=2,O=1, total 12. Success, imagine doing that all day every day,car number plates,steps or stairs,ridge tiles on house roofs,paving slabs,white lines on give ways.just about everything.
    recently I find myself getting very emotional listening to music, I cry at how amazing it is,it need not be sad,I am in awe at how fantastic it sounds,I cannot play any instruments but have collected many over the years,all kinds from wind instruments,guitars,keyboards,percussion,Melodeans trumpets,it goes on..
    would like to ask if others are overwhelmed by sounds or singing? The list of quirks is endless.always straightening cups,used to square the handle to the edge of a table, stopped doing that I now point the handle toward a corner or point, thanks for listening,Brian.


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