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Moving to London has been a huge boost to me

welleyenever Member Posts: 13 Connected
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  • welleyenever
    welleyenever Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Moving to London recently has been a huge boost for me. As a newbie to the city, and becoming a homeworker as well, on top of having a disability, there was a fear that I could easily end up feeling isolated and lonely if I wasn't careful. But becoming successfully involved with a social club (not one for disabled people, but for all Londoners), as well as arranging to meet a few people as a result of my online blogging, has really made me feel welcomed to the city and confident about getting to know people here. I was nervous in case those things didn't work out, because of my visual impairment or whatever, but so far it's been going very well. So I'm glad I've grasped the opportunity and dived in. It's been the fresh start I was hoping for. :)
  • Chris_Alumni
    Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
    Welcome to London @welleyenever. Yes that's the great thing about London - always lots to do with various events and groups going on. If you're not already swamped with things to do, it's worth checking out Wonderrush - which lets you try lots of classes and groups etc for a monthly subscription. is of course also great for finding things to do.
  • GeoffBosworth195661
    GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 161 Pioneering
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    London I find a very different life style than anywhere else in UK as in my view and I'm not sure if you agree it as turned into a Cosmopolitan city of Europe. Most cities have individual cultures that at times I wonder if we forget or unaware what we have around us. London as a great amount of history but putting that aside around the country have a great deal to contribute with lost gold treasures in Birmingham Staffordshire. This caused world news and the haulage went and still is on tour around the world as well in London. Glad you settling down @welleyenever
  • welleyenever
    welleyenever Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Thanks for your replies. :)

    @Chris_Scope - A couple of people have mentioned that they use Meetup, but I hadn't heard of Wonderush before. Looks like they have some interesting activities though from glancing at their site. I will probably check both of those groups out and give them both a go, so I'm trying a variety of different things.

    @GeoffBosworth195661 - Indeed, there are so many interesting places elsewhere in the UK too, and one of the bonuses of London is that it's much easier to get to many of them, compared to where I lived before, thanks to the abundance of train, bus, coach and flight routes out of the city. So there is certainly a temptation to venture further afield from here to explore as well, I'm sure I'll do that as time goes on.


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