Housing and independent living
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Independent living for my 29 year old son, who has Aspergers Syndrome, help needed

kimberlywalshkimberlywalsh Member Posts: 11 Listener
Can no longer tolerate the stress levels between family members, so looking to find the help and support for my son to start living an independent life!! Social service were involved with my son four years ago but were more than useless, led us up the garden path only to dump us on the bonfire! Job centre couldn't care less so long as he is being supported at home! 


  • bubblybubbly Scope Volunteer Posts: 26 Connected
    The new care act encourages local authorities to support people to live independently. You may find they offer more support-you may all be in a better place to look for your son to live independently. Alternatively are you able to look/can he then you might not need social services involvement (I'm not sure on the level of support your son would need)
  • kimberlywalshkimberlywalsh Member Posts: 11 Listener
    My son is quite capable of living independently, I'm more concerned about having to make him homeless with 28 days notice, which is what I've been told I have to do and where he would start off, as he has lived quite comfortably at home, worried that with his Aspergers this would be quite a shock to his system!! 
  • bubblybubbly Scope Volunteer Posts: 26 Connected
    Are you able to support him to look for accommodation in the private sector? Then you might not need to give him notice? Depending on where you live, there may be small houses/house shares that would be suitable?
  • kimberlywalshkimberlywalsh Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Would be more than happy to do this, but it's the affordability!! As he's unemployed, have been told he wouldn't get much financial support from DHSS, but that was a few years ago! Apparently there would be more support in place and quicker upnthe ladder if we officially made him homeless on paper!! Would like nothing more and peace of mind if we were able to choose a place to live with him!!
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