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The New Home Page

chasnbons Member Posts: 60 Courageous
So we have a new home page!

Can someone please explain to me why it shows posts from a person I have ignored?

I have only one person on my ignore list, who I find to be so rude, arrogant, negative and hostile that even the sight of his name makes my blood boil, so as you can imagine I wasn't best pleased when I logged in today after a few weeks, to find the new home page and on scrolling down it to have a look, the first highlighted comment is from him.

There isn't much point in having the option to ignore someones comments at all, if they are going to be seen as soon as you log in.  Also the fact that you can see that they have commented in posts you are reading, but you can't see what they wrote is nearly as bad as reading their posts in the first place.

The idea of ignoring someone online is so that you you are unaware that they have said something, not so you are alerted to each of the posts they make, which just serves to antagonize and stress even more.

Can anything be done about it please?



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