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PIP Assessment

MolMol Member Posts: 52 Connected
Any Tips for when going into the assessment? I have read so many stories on here about the assessments that I am not sure  what to think anymore.

It seems an unfair way of deeming wether a person is disabled or not,

I have my assessment date which is on Monday 06th March.


  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Mol there is some great information on the CAB site about assessments including a downloadable PIP helpsheet for you to print out for on the day.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 211 Pioneering
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  • MolMol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Thanks Sam and Mumof3boys, 
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi Mol, I had a short assessment, and the Assessor was very friendly and put me at my ease. I relaxed a little and he said in his report I had no signs of stress or depression. I was just relieved that he seemed to believe me, but he didn't. He tried to put words in my mouth such as 'is your Bi-polar controlled by medication' I said yes which meant to him I was fine as it was 100% controlled which is impossible. So don't say your medication or painkillers control everything. Make a point to say it doesn't cure everything. Be careful how you remove your coat or hold your walking stick. Too tight a hold means to them you have no arthritis.  I took more painkillers on the day. This was a mistake, because I was a bit tired and didn't listen properly to him and what he was doing to me. I told him my partner had come with me but he was in the car as he had the flu, but the Assessor said I was alone, so didn't need help to go out. I will never trust them again if they are too nice.
  • MolMol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Hello Pennygates, I had my assessment last week, s you said I had a lady who seemed to be pleasant.

    I quickly noticed that her questions were trying to be leading. Example she asked me about being able to do any cooking so I said not able to due to pain and loss of movement in my arm and arthritis in all my joints,

    She then changed what she asked me and said can I put a slice of bread in a toaster? I replied I use to be able to then she tried to say I could.

    Also she asked if I could use a microwave I said no as I have trouble but I know what she was getting at. She could see I could hardly walk because of pain in my knee's and ankles and I was using my walking stick.

    I drove to the centre with my partner, the assessor said to her you drove here with him, she did not even wait for my partner to answer and she had typed whatever she wanted down.

    I am asking the DWP for a copy of the assessment so I have an idea of what the outcome will be also it will give me time to go through it all and correct any untruths if I need a reconsideration or appeal.

    She also asked was my tablets working and helping to ease the pain,

    I replied that they made no difference to my pain, also all other medication I had taken had not worked and I was limited to whay I could take due to other conditions.

    I think she will put a silly version in so I am preparing myself for the worse but you never know I could be wrong.

    I did not remove my coat as it would cause me too much pain.

    I work and I have applied to see if I will get mobility at any level which would enable me to continue with my job, If I do not get it I do believe it will end up costing me my job and I made her aware of that.
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi Mol, i think you made a better job of it than i did. You pre-empted her attempts to get you to say what she wanted. I really hope you get your points as it sounds as if you need this award as they call it. I was given lower rate for daily living and nothing for mobility, i have severe arthritis and ME, and Bipolar. No points for mental health either. I didn't know you could ask for an Assessors report. I have already asked for a reconsideration just waiting for the inevitable. Do you think i could ask for this report now? Is it just called Assessors Report? Good luck to you
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
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    It is a PA4 form, but they'll know what you mean if you say assessor's report. Yes you can ask for it anytime by ringing the number on any of your PIP letters from DWP. You will understand how you got the decision as, in my experience, the Decision Maker's just use whatever is on the report to make the first offer.
  • MolMol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Hello Pennygates, yes apply for you assessors report telephone 0345 850 3322 DWP, They will ask for all your personnel details for security and then they will send you out the report.
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi wildlife. Thank you
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hello Mol, I made the mistake. I thought the decision I received was the Report. I have already written and sent in the MR without seeing the Report, but hey, not many people get them to change their minds I imagine. So, it is likely that I have to decide to Appeal and if I have a good enough case, or better just accept the lower rate daily living and be thankful, as I might lose it. When I read about your Assessment I saw how I walked into situations which cost me points. I realised that they made me feel as if I didn't warrant an award because I am not in a wheelchair. Then I remember how bad is my pain and the problems I have. Also they make mental illness not an illness but a weakness. I should have made sure I mentioned my mental health problem, as he ignored it completely, only to say it was controlled by drugs (oh, if only) So, I have learned something, thanks.
  • WaterLilyWaterLily Member Posts: 55 Courageous
    Hi pennygates,
    I sent in my MR without seeing the report too. Based on what was written on the award letter, I sent it anyway in the hope that they would look at it again. 
    They did and I was successful in that my award was increased. 

    When the report finally arrived, it wasn't much different anyway,just more detailed. 

    I am am not in a wheelchair either,but still had the mobility component changed from standard to enhanced. 

    Good luck!
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi Waterlily, Thanks. I dont know when I will get a decision. I sent it in two weeks ago.
  • MolMol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Hello Pennygates I am hoping that they do make the right decision and change the outcome, as you have said you still have the chance to explain everything at the appeal.

    You can also notify the DWP of any changes in your conditions, so if you are now feeling worse than when assessed let them know and let them know that your medication is not having any effect.

    Its a way of letting them know your condition now and that you need help, it states to inform them of any changes on the letter sent to you.

    I hope that you can use this process to your benefit.
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi Mol, I have had my eyes opened somewhat with the discussions, and have already asked for the Report. Now I have to think about things a bit for a couple of days and get my act together (not easy when you are in pain and everyday life is hard) I will try my best.
  • pennygatespennygates Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hello demonica, you have to deal with a lot of problems. There is the problem of being represented. I paid for help with my MR as i was too weak to do it myself, as I had the flu. I used a firm in Swansea as i couldn't find one locally, N E England. Welfare rights were not allowed to help unless an Appeal. I too will need help with Appeal. Money is tight but will do it somehow.Just make sure that they know how bad you are, as Mol said to me. Crutches are hard to use ask someone to show you. Try to be focussed for your appeal and list all of your problems as it sounds as if you have a lot. Even without your wheelchair you can show them how hard it is to move. Good luck and SHOW them, no brave face, just let them see for that short time. I said myself you have to bare your soul almost but it's what it takes. Keep strong
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