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Home assesment

angel152angel152 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited March 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
.,hi there I just want to say that sent off all medical evidence for my pip claim ..from DLA indefinite award ....I seen cpn every 2 weeks due to my mental health ...I have been under the mental health care since 1982 ...due to a lot of traumatic events in my life time ...also she told me that if I receive a letter from ATOS ....to go for a medical centre for my medical to contact her.....got home yesterday read I have to go for a medical ...I phone my cpn....right away ...then I sat and read the letter stating if I can't go ect then to contact them ...after 4 hrs I phone them stating why I could not go as I was agrophobic and and I can't go far from my home area due to panic attacks ect ....then I started to scream at them down the phone asking if they ever look at medical eveidence that is submitted with the pip forms ...then he asked me about my illnesses ...agoraphobia..suicidal thoughts...anxiety...and PTSD ....and night terrors ...also on top of this I have physical disabilities due to chemo treatments left me with neuropathic pain...all over ...also osteoarthritis....caprel tunnel syndrome....then they ask me my cpn...phone number ..plus my daughter ...and doctor phone numbers ....I told them this was all sent with my pip form as well as medical evidence...also may I point out I sent a letter from my doctor to back up any medical evenince ...the stress of it all got me so I just snapped ...got a phone call just a few min after I put the phone down from ATOS..it was my cpn...saying that she had ATOS on the phone and that I was getting a home visit ..after she told them I could not cope with going for an assessment,,,so I would like to know where all the medical evidence went to if they they don't have it ...absolutely shocks ...so here's to my home visit I will keep you posted...Ruby 


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