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coproduction solution #1 the high street option

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In the NHS they would appear to be using a cascade distribution (option 2) model based on peer support centers (recovery colleges) training their customers in peer support.

I haven't got all the figures but my gut feeling is this will take more generations to meet the minimum maximum of 15 million this option will take a lot of time (my voices say 50 years) 

however option 1 is a big bang model

In the UK 1 in 4 people have a mental illness. The peer support sector in the UK represents over 15 million people. It will completely eclipse the voluntary sector in its scope and Majesty.

I would engage them all with a coproduction voucher scheme this would create many new businesses and as many new personalisation opportunities pool; all the service provider's compete for their customers vouchers.

Excellence through market forces as a customer can vote with their feet to access any service. Using Porter's 5 forces which are supplier power, buyer power(that's you), new entry and risk of substitution coming together to make competition

I want strong competition with strong relationships with suppliers and forward integration of the customers through coproduction. 
New entries and the stalwarts' forces are also strong with innovation, diversity and choice creating a paradigm of powerful customers

In real terms if you have a mental illness you would get a voucher on prescription from your GP and you could take it to any service provider who would offer a range of coproduction options giving the customer control of their treament this model will positively grow our Gross Domestic Produce a much needed source of equity

Is there a 6th Force? I believe there is the Ethical Imperative which keeps the other forces in check!

However there is a snag to a voucher scheme. Which is each voucher's redeemable value depends upon the support needs of the user.
This requires a standard assessment of risk at source I would recommend a level 1 coproduction between the GP and patient of Total Risk

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