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Supreme court ruling in favor of wheelchairs has done absolutely nothing!



  • GeoffBosworth195661
    GeoffBosworth195661 Community member Posts: 161 Pioneering
    Hello @littlemisskool, Good morning firstly what you are saying is becomming very common over the last few weeks. Yes the government did pass the law and with regret most bus drivers are giving a lot of grief with wheelchair users around the country. Some are been blatantly ignorant in one case the updated changes have not been passed on to bus drivers. The most effective way is to inform the bus company and explain why they are not carrying out the duties for wheelchair users. As of last Tuesday one locally had done that and was rectified. You have your Disability rights but there is a claw if one wheelchair is on board the driver can use there discretion of how safe for other passengers may be. Most cunning small bus companies are using this as a excuse. After looking into this company they got back to me and said it was a hazard as it would block the gang way. Larger bus companies after asking the question how many wheelchairs are excepted the reply is two if no buggies are not boarded. One if buggies is the safe standards, so this as been highlighted to my MP of which I await the correct meaning and facts of the new regulation. I hope this as highlighted your complaint which I agree you this is a problem that seems to rebound.       
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