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Recently had pip assessment after 9 years on dla highest rate

johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
edited March 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
    I have recently had my PIP assessment after 9 years on DLA gighest rate,My new PIP has assessed me at lower rate daily living and standard rate mobility the score was 8 for daily and 10 for mobility.I explained that my walking ability was no more than 20 mtrs and I ticked the 20/50 mtr box.I sent a letter and said that my mobility was now 20 mtrs could they find that letter could they hec as well as me ringing up and telling them.The operator said I will make sure its changed.When I got the award letter I rang up and objected to the 10 point when it should have been twelve.I went through all the points in the daily living,the toilet needs was a dixcussion that i only got 2 points,I am diabetic and have had prostate cancer the prostate can affect the bowel for years,I explained exactly what happens.Dressing and undressing 2 pointa I need help with underwear as well as dressing with my top half.Managing my medication 0 points,yes I know I have to take them but my memory is not that good.They asked me to get evidence on mt waling so I have to go to the doctor for a ltter about my walking and about my prostate cancer.Not be fooled also the cameras are on you as soon as you reach the building and inside the building.I was told it was 40 mtrs from the door to booking in,Colonel Sanders is watching   


  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    Thanks for sharing @johnny100

    Sounds like you've done exactly the right thing by going through their decision point by point. A lot of people recommend sending letters "signed for" so you have proof that they were received.

    Are you waiting to hear back about the result?
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    they referred back to a 2008/9 DLA which was rejected.On the fornm then it stated 20 to 50 mtrs,I argued that how can they use this info when the decision was made to reject the DLA application.They then said that was on my original DLA application,hope you can see where I am comining from.They also disputed my 20 mtr walking ability and yes on my PIP form I did say 20/50,however a few days later I called Normoss up at Blackpool and requested that this be changed to 20mtrs,it was acknowledged by the operator this would be put on my file.I rang the PIP centre and told them that the points award I believe is wrong for mobility,I got the lowest rate.I have medical evidence about my walking ability and even been to a nuro consultant because I have bulging disc at L4/5 and problems at LI/2 which makes my walking like a feet are affected also with very little circulation and constantly cold.I also have cervical spondolocis and the list goes on.I was asked to get a doctor letter to confirm my walking ability,my doctor has submitted a referal which was sent to ATOS.,My doctor must be getting fed up with me,and me writing letters to her.In 2009 I was confirmed with prostate cancer and that play havoc with bowel movement and I very often have un-controlable movement where I have been caught out a few times.My wife assists in this matter.The assessor said my toilet needs were ok got 2 point,what can I say.I drive into town locally 2 times a week yet I was knocked back for that,how many disabled drivers go to work each day due to back problems and get the highest rate.I dont begrudge anyone getting it but its the principal.Then I was told I could follow a planned route.How do they know I can follow a planned route especially going somewhere I have never been before,I would use my Sat nav for that,yes if you go to the same shopping areas a few times a week you know where you are going,the answer I got was it does not mean that.I dont believe that these final assessors read through all the evidence given to them by Doctors and Consultants.   
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,293 Pioneering
    Hello Johnnie, You sound a bit confused about who to contact about your PIP claim. The phone no. is 03458503322. This is on your letters from DWP. The address to send any more evidence to is: 
    personal independence payment 1,
    Mail handling site A
    wv98 1AA

    I don't know what they do at Norcross but the advisor should have redirected you not accepted your information. This is only from my personal experience I'm not an expert but if you're not happy with what PIP have offered you then the next step is to ring them to tell them you want to request a Mandatory Reconsideration. When I did this they gave me a new date of a month from the date I was ringing. Also if you haven't been keeping copies of all the paperwork so far ask them to send you a copy of everything in your file. When you have that go through the assessor's report and decision letter and decide what you should have scored more points for. Write to the above address. Please be warned though that there is a risk of loosing what you've got as a different Decision Maker goes through the whole thing again so you need to make sure you keep what you've already got and that you have a strong case to get it increased. Try and stay focused and if you feel it's more than you can handle try and get help. Remember also that they are assessing you on how you were when you claimed for PIP not how you where in 2008/9. I heard that they don't use DLA evidence unless you ask them to so it's up to you to decide whether old evidence would help you in the here and now. I agree with Alex about sending your letters recorded delivery. Hope that helps... 
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    They used old evidence.I have had a consultant report ,doctor report on my back,MRI scans that show bulging disc etc in my medical reports.I dont believe that all the documents etc have been read.I passed this over to a friend of mine who was a decision maker at Capita and pulled the report apart from start to finish,as she said to me they just write what they consider.I have also spoken to a disability solicitor and he was amazed at the report I have been if front of the panel that makes the final judgement and thats also a joke.The opening line from a solicitor was we are independent and do not work for the DWP,my answer was yes but you get paid  from them,a hushed silence in the room. 
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    Also when I called them on the 0345 I was told to send it back to the address on the letterPOST Handling Site B Wolverhampton  and not the one you mentioned in your mail
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,293 Pioneering
    Oh I'm sorry but they would have sent it to Site B or wherever it was meant to go. Always best to find out for yourself or ask an expert.Glad you've got people to help you...Good Luck.. 
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    thats no problem I never refuse help or advice from anybody,its just nice  that people do exist who can help in any way.


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