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Hi, my name is wildlife!

wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
edited March 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hello everyone, I am transferring from DLA to PIP after phoning DWP to report my care needs had increased. I've claimed PIP, had my F2F and been offered standard rate of both DL and Mobility  which I don't agree with so have sent a letter to DWP asking for a mandatory reconsideration. After asking for the assessor's report even before the decision I was horrified to find it was full of errors. However the worst things were the MSO results which were totally false and that she had invented an incident that never happened: she claimed I removed the label from a small bottle of water using my left and right hand whilst holing it between my knees. My husband came with me to the F2F so was witness to this never happening. After writing to ATOS to make an official complaint they have refused to investigate and referred us to DWP. They said they couldn't prove what was said or what took place. So another letter has been sent with a complaint just about what she wrote in her report. So now awaiting Reconsideration result and ATOS's reply to 2nd complaint letter. Watch this space....   


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    Hi @wildlife do let us know how you get on  :)
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    Hi wildlife let me know if I can help
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    Hi Sam and Shelby1066, Things have progressed I now have my MR letter which kept everything the same but the DM did offer to look at it again if the ATOS complaint changes the report in any way or if I send in further evidence. This is a positive step as the MR is supposed to be all you can do before going to Tribunal. I've emailed ATOS with more info. about my assessor. It looks like she lied to them to get the job, HCPC to register as a Paramedic and me when she introduced herself. She has caused me so much stress and my health has worsened so much but I will not give up till she is made accountable for her actions. I've booked a call back from a Decision Maker for Wed/Thurs. this week to give me time to prepare the questions I want answers to. The 2nd DM on my MR has used the new rules for Mobility planning and going on a journey and I've been told by a PIP advisor this morning the old rules should have been used for all claims before 16th March. Also she changed the wording of descriptor d) to include familiar journeys whereas the wording clearly states unfamiliar journeys. I will have to be careful not to ruin what I've already got. I now need to chase up further medical evidence even though I sent loads. So far they've accepted I have enough problems with my legs to need to use rails in the shower by giving me 2 points for using aids and that I was assessed by an OT in 2014 as needing a shower as I cannot get in and out of a bath even with a seat so I need to ask how I'm supposed to wash hair and body when both hands are being used to support me. Do I have to grow 2 more arms? 
                   I will post an update after a DM has rung. Thank-you Scope for giving us the chance to tell our stories it helps so much to let off steam.
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