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preparing meals

johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
i scored only 2 points for preparing meals.I have problems with my left hand and grip,I have my wifes assistance.I suffer from dizzyness  and take Rampril twice a day  for high blood pressure.I cannot lift  anything on or  off the stove as objects feel heavy, my wife has banished me from the kitchen for my own safety.Surely should I not get more point for having my wifes help.I cam put coffee into a cup or a tea bag.thats it.Can anyone answer this question please


  • mossycowmossycow Member Posts: 495 Pioneering
    Yeah, it really does sound like... But I thought 2 points was the max for each section or have I got that wrong? 

    I have what we call our 'table pan'. It's a very large frying pan, with a  little depth, that we stand on our dining table (which is at the 3nd of our kitchen). It plugs into a socket I have on a long adapter so I can cook while sat down. We got ours for about £20/30 ands it been worth every penny. If I'm dizzy it's much easier and as I need to sit due to back pain it's ideal. 

    It may be worth looking into (you may have already!) gadgets and stuff that can help you in the kitchen as independence is important though getting help is excellent too. 

    I also do most things in the microwave and that doesn't need to mean ready meals every day. For example I use a light plastic just to fill the kettle instead of lifting heavy kettle. Then I use light plastic tubs to cook in. I cook rice, pasta, bulgur wheat, spuds etc in tubs. Steaming chicken, fish etc is easy and I also cook veg in it. I never use my hob except the table pan to fry with. 

    I use an electric tin opener, electric whisk, food processor and my latest purchase (thank you PIP!) is a very simple chopping board that helps you cut bread slices as we make bread in our bread maker (easier for me than getting to the shops). 

    I sit in a stool in the kitchen, that might help you with dizziness? 

    Do you like fooking/kitchen stuff or are you happy for your wife to take over? 

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  • johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    It is not the ability to prepare food with my wifes assistance its after the food is cooked and the lifting of items off the cooker.I have fibromyalgia and constant pain in my body and lifting objects of the cooker is difficult,also i have restricted use in my left hand,grip.I have dizzy spells and on Rampril for high blood pressure.Its not the preparing that I am concerned about its what happens when the meal is cooked and the serving of the cooked items onto a plate,My wife dishes up the food from the kitchen while I sit at the table,If I lived on my own the matter would be different.It is basicually my dizzyness and the standing in the kitchen
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    Hello johnny100

    Scope have  a section on PIP , see below link:


    The PIP descriptors are also detailed in the below link:


    From what you have said it sounds like you need supervision or assistance to cook a main mean due to the risk of for example of burning yourself when lifting hot food or pans. If this is correct, if so, this descriptor scores 4 points.  

    Did PIP give you any more points, for example are you at risk of falling from dizziness when in the shower, even when holding onto something? 

    Have you had to go to hospital or see your GP following for example a fall or burn caused by your dizziness? 

    When was the PIP decision made? As you can challenge the decision, but a challenge must be lodged with 1 month of the date of the decision letter.  The first challenge is called  a mandatory reconsideration, and it is best to put the request in writing stating that you want to ‘lodge a mandatory reconsideration against the decision dated ….  that PIP has not been awarded.’    Also quote your national insurance number as the reference.

    Best wishes


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  • johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    many thanks for all this information it good to know that someone out there knows a little bit more information,I use my cat 2/3 times a week to go into town and that was frowned upon in the report ,It was said that I could folloe the plan of a route.If you go to the same place all the time,why do i need  route.What happens if I have to travel somewhere I have never been then I use the SAT NAV,and even then I make mistakes  
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