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So tired!

Oakhill05 Member Posts: 6 Connected
Hi I just asking for any advice really! Any help will be gratefully received!
i have three children my eldest has CP, epilepsy and learning difficulties. He had major brain surgery a couple of years ago and has been a different child since! He has always been obsessive but he has got much worse. He has to say what he's going to say he can't keep it to himself and I feel so drained! He completely takes it out of me! I work four days a week full time hours and I am constantly having to take time off for appointments and when he gets sick which is quite a lot! I have been considering giving up work to look after him properly as I constantly feel guilty, That I don't have enough time! 
But how do people afford to live I have two other children 1 and 3 and bills and mortgage to pay!??? I am just so tired all the time and feel like crying! 
 Also my 3 year old keeps asking me why my son is always ill I have been honest with her but she doesn't understand! Is there any books for preschool age children that anybody recommends that might help! ? 



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