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Suffer depression and anxiety

eileen54 Member Posts: 8 Listener
suffered really bad since last year becouse of my Naghbours with there fighting swearing due to there drinking it got so bad I found I couldn't live in my flat anymore I'm still suffering I'm moving next sat 25 and I'm finding it's very stressful I'm back and forward taking stuff to other place I live on my own,iv no friends family not seen for 6 years,and it's costing me a fortune I'm running out of money for no fault of my own iv always payed my own rent and I'm finding I'm goin to rely on housing befit this whole think is really getting to me and find I can't seem to cope very well


  • jazzles9
    jazzles9 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    You sound like a very strong and determined woman, to face the stress and upheaval  of moving house alone. Moving is stressful and expensive at the best of times. Housing benefit is specifically for people who need the financial support, so there's no need to feel guilty or ashamed to be claiming housing benefit. I'm sure when you settle into your new home,  away from your anti social neighbours, you will begin to feel more at ease and recognise how well you're doing, to manage to get through this with little to no support! Realise your strength,  and also realise that you are not alone! Many others have gotten through tough times alone, and you should feel proud to accomplish such a feat. Reach out in your local community,  you'll realise things can get better.  
  • joannarashelle
    joannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Hello @eileen54 I feel for you, I also don't have family support and live alone, it's so hard sometimes isn't it, like @jazzles9 said you're obviously a strong person to live alone takes guts in itself, she's right in saying when you move away from hottie neighbours this will make you feel so much better I've had bullying from a neighbour and it eats away at you, amazing that you've taken the massive step in moving I wish I could get to that stage, you can chat to us and others on here you're not alone, I don't talk to people about my troubles I'm proud and quite a private person, but feel comfortable when sharing stuff on here. 

    Depression and anxiety can make life seem like you're walking in mud. 
    Go to your doctor if you can and get help you must. 
    That's his job, to help you feel good and healthy and happy!

    In the meantime I wish you well 

    Joanna x 
  • eileen54
    eileen54 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Aww thanks ladies for your messages,I am under a I'm on medication and and I did have support as well,but I don't have them now,so you just feel all alone at my age 63 next week and I suffer a disability as well I have a week left arm,damaged it in work in 2002 I'm back and for with my shopping trolley humping it on the bus everyday which can be heavy as I am left handed been back there again today in all that ☔️ so you can imagine how stressful it can be,just feel drained at the mo and pains in my knees with all this back and forth,
  • Tesdl
    Tesdl Member Posts: 10 Connected
    It sounds like you are going through a lot and you say you are under a doctor for your depression.  Have they offered counselling as this might be another way forward.
  • Chris_Alumni
    Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
    edited March 2017
    [email protected], sorry to hear you're struggling with depression. We will actually be publishing a tips page in the community for dealing with mental health issues later this week so keep an eye out for that.

    You might also like to give our helpline a call for free on 0808 800 3333 (9am-5pm mon-fri), as they may be able to offer you some advice regarding money, housing and other things. Our information page on money may also be helpful, and I hope that you will continue to visit our community and find it supportive.
  • eileen54
    eileen54 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi there thanks for you help Chris once I move in, I will do that,everyone's been a great help on here,


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