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gone from enchanced to refused pip but review in 5 years

sundontshine123 Community member Posts: 92 Contributor
edited March 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Had a pip review feb 2017, A f2f and assessor did not do report properly as she rushed thought she was going home then receptionist had to tell her we was waiting 30/45 min.
she even came out her room with coat and bag.
we was rushed into her room and all she kept telling us it was her day off nxt day.
daughter tryed to give her a mental health assessment appointment for the following month already phoned pip helpline 2/1/2017 to inform them but was told just tell the assessor in f2f.
A letter from pain clinic and also another app for ent and list of medication.
in process of f2f she lost the list of meds threw enverlope said send them all direct to dwp with your meds.
she took copy of my day to day feelings and fears but never submitted it in report.
I suffer from the following

Did not talk in my assessment as my daughter spoke as i get paranoid
assessors report said
i hardly spoke then went on to say i had pressured speech hard to interrupt.
No mental health problems no mental health support.
wear glasses
did the msk excise which would never touch someone phobia about germs people looking at me staring at me laughing.
no suicidal thoughts which i have.
then cut a long story short on the back says
that to review again in 5 years and there will be no change ect.
I have put a M R in and sent urgent fax with change of medication from mh team and there findings and said they will send full report i have sent this to DWP with M R..
and a letter about the assessors report no care attention has been put into it as there are alot of mistakes....


  • sundontshine123
    sundontshine123 Community member Posts: 92 Contributor
    sorry my brain is in fast gear stopped medication.
    The claimant conditions are long standing and likely to continue to cause the functional restrictions identified. Therefore review in 5 years recommended to allow deteriotion or improvement.
    then a tick in box saying have no metal health issues.
    I feel its shows lack of care and attention with this form filling this is an indication of LACK of care attention for the whole assessment. I feel very let down I have been treated especially with stuff made up just to fill in the gaps because assessor did not do job right.
    It also goes to show that Decision maker did not read any of the report.
    PA4 is not a proper assessment account and assessor could not be bothered to do a full truthful report and copied and pasted things in what she thought you should read.
    Its a disgraceful mess to be honest
  • wildlife
    wildlife Community member Posts: 1,293 Trailblazing
    Hi Sundon'tshine, Love your user name. Your story is so typical of so many of our experiences although worse than most I reckon. You sound at a loss to know how to deal with all this. You've done well to send in a Mandatory Reconsideration with further evidence and finger's crossed they change the decision. The issue with the ATOS assessor and her report, although connected as it is the main evidence DWP are using (in my experience) needs to be dealt with seperately. You can write or email ATOS on their website to make a complaint. This is what I have done. It took 2 letters for them to agree to investigate which they are now doing. They may say they can't prove what happened but if you tell them you have a witness and concentrate on what was written about you on the report rather than who said what, although do tell them how the assessor behaved, that would help. I'm not an expert just trying to help. You're on the right track and keep us up to date. This site is great for help and support. You may also want to ask ATOS for your assessor's qualifications. For mental health they are supposed to be specially trained or bring someone in who is. Hope that helps. Good Luck...
  • sundontshine123
    sundontshine123 Community member Posts: 92 Contributor
    Hi wildlife thanks for replie im just in meltdown mode at me been week and 1 day since recieved letter. i have got appointment with disability advice in april as fully expecting to go to appeal as they dont like to admit they are wrong and i could not do another f2f.
    Assessor when i first applied 2014 was brilliant had MH knowledge this one had nothing except how to ruin someones life. She not registered nurse looked her up musta had 3 months training.Capita.
    Thing is also we would get prosicuted for telling lies on form but this is legal report and they can get away with lie after lie and sign it as true...

  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Community member Posts: 2,621 Trailblazing

    Hi Sundon'tshine,

    So sorry to hear about how bad your experience has been. I totally agree with Wildlife that you have done the correct thing in submitting your Mandatory Reconsideration with all the correct evidence, and am pleased to hear you have an appointment with an advice agency to discuss your case in person. I hope the issue is resolved at MR stage.

    I also agree with Wildlife that if you can sum up the energy it is worth making a formal complaint to Capita. All this data has to be recorded by them, and it may also support your appeal in refuting the medical report that has been created by them.

    Best of luck!



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    The Benefits Training Co:

  • sundontshine123
    sundontshine123 Community member Posts: 92 Contributor
    I have written an email od compaint and said i will follow it up with a letter. This whole process has made me feel 10 times worse. 
    I have written another letter to dwp on there guide lines booklet how missing evidence the pa4 is not fit for purpose to many inconsistencies shows lack and care for the whole assessment process. I feel so wronged by this woman all she thought was about going home and telling us about her day off the next day. She even had nerve to say i had no mental health problems which obviously pychatrist seems to differ. Because of her poor attempt do do my f2f has mad me became more paranoid and feel like im beging to fixate angry thoughts and ferl i want to confront her. So now i need to see pychatrist as i know i need help.
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