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Refused disability living allowance

I have 3 boys on the autism spectrum the eldest has aspergers the middle has a diagnoses of ADD as well as autism. My boys are aged 24,15 and 9 years old.   The eldest went to university in September but has come back home due to isolating himself and was not socialising, then he began skipping classes to avoid people. He is now suffering with panic attacks and depression. I have tried to apply for disability living allowance for the eldest when he was first diagnosed. This was when he was 14. but was refused. A couple of years ago, I again tried to apply for disability living allowance to be turned down again. So when my third child was diagnosed last year with autism I did not bother even applying. All boys have different needs and their autism displays in different ways. So when I have needed things for my boys like ear defenders for the youngest or taxis to school I have always paid for out of my own pocket. Any extra needs I have had to pay for because I have always been refused. Is their anything I can be advised to do? maybe I have difficulties that I cant fill out forms correctly, I don't know Please has anyone got any advice. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @emmaLC05, I've moved your post to our benefits advisors page as they may be able to help.

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    Hi emmaLC05

    Applying for these benefits can be a very difficult task and most people really benefit from some help from someone with some training and experience.

    I suggest you have a go at starting a claim for Personal Independence Payment for your eldest and Disability Living Allowance for your younger two. When your 15 year old turns 16 he will also have to claim PIP instead of DLA.

    The first part of the claim is made with a phone call to the PIP office on 0800 917 2222 and the DLA office on 0345 712 3456. They will send you some forms and at that stage i suggest you get some help locally, hopefully from an organisation specialising in working with people on the autistic spectrum. I suggest you contact the Scope helpline for this (0808 800 3333) as they may be able to help you identify a service in your area.


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