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knee op update and a couple of questions.

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Hi all, first of all, i would like to say a big thank you to this forum for helping me get through the weeks prior to knee op, and sorting out forms etc...I thought I would like to give update on knee op itself, as it might help others who are worried.

Obviously, each of us is different, but for me, I find the pain after op to be much less than i have had for years in that knee. Still have the pain of other knee and other areas to keep me humble, but for anyone wondering about the pain after surgery, I have been surprised that it is much less severe than after my previous keyhole surgeries, and also less than day to day living pain for last dozen years. .There is certainly discomfort and some pain, but not severe and it is bearable. More worrying is that I can bend my knee less today, than I could 2 days ago; I wonder if anyone else has had this issue.I have done the exercises, and I  think it must be due to swelling, so my goal is to keep worrying away at the bend, trying to get a tiny bit more as often as I can without forcing it...

The worst of the surgery process for me has been managing medications, etc., and I felt things were not explained in as much detail as I needed, so have been in a fog of confusion, and finding most of info online. Had to phone Boots to find out how to  schedule and combine the pain relief, and am still in a muddle as to what I have taken last and when the next lot is due. I have been in tears about this several times, so could wish that a simple method of pain relief had been charted for me, especially as I doze or sleep through the dosage time and also I can then not remember what I took last and when. I wish they  had left me on my normal pain relief of Tramadol and Solpodol, which I know how to use. Have also found that the local doctor surgery is so busy that to book for an appt, needs to be done about 3 weeks ahead, or 2 weeks for a phone consultation.

I am finding this so difficult, ie having more than one issue and having to now see different doctors for different things, booking so far ahead and also having to tell the receptionist what the appt is for, and then getting lectured or patronized because I do not know thier new system has been extremely difficult for me and left me in tears. Of course the tears may be due to the effects of anesthetics in my system, but tbh, I have been finding the new system of our local surgery extremely difficult before hand, as have most of the town. ( 82% satisfied rate for the surgery online, which to me does not sound like it is working for the patients as well as the doctors would like to think!)

Anyway, all in all, surgery itself was not as painful as expected, but the way of imparting information has been very chaotic and distressing, at least to me. Would be interested in hearing of anyone elses experiences on either count.


  • iza
    iza Community Co-Production Group Posts: 521 Pioneering
    Hi @tanzy

    I am glad you had your operation and you felt a less pain after. 
    If you had chance to prepare a little questions for the dr's before hand it can help for you to find out or get more out of them on the day of appointment. 
    Instead to going to many Drs I would take opinion from two specialising in the same area. 
    The best what can you do in life (if you can afford) is to search opinion from public Dr and private one. 

    Is good to consult twice. Going to more than too leads to misinterpretation, misunderstanding and so on. 
    Book yourself within GP always with the same Dr. 
    Make him aware of problems and update with current feelings. 
    Discuss possible father option of treatments. 
    In country I come from we are allowed to choose GP Dr and him/her becomes our family type Dr. (it means with most of the problems we always come to the same person). 
    I did exactly the same here in UK. I choose DR for myself and Dr for my son and I always book myself with the same Dr.
    If same you energy in life and time from repeating your medical history all over again.

    The best you can do for yourself is also to search over internet for the best treatment options available as discuss which one would be the most suitable for you.
    Why you do not take into consideration alternative medicine treatments?
    Some of them are available by pain clinics within NHS.

    Life is given to us once and it is your responsibility to choose the best option for yourself and your medical concision.

    I hope I help somehow with my advice.

    Have a great weekend.



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